In each of our destinations we have a large, secure Work the World house - your home for the duration of your placement. We have an onsite housekeeper and caterer working together to keep everything clean, tidy and well run, a Programme Manager and Assistant Programme Manager who make sure your placement runs smoothly and security staff to ensure the houses are safe and secure.

Meals and fresh drinking water are included, and our caterer will incorporate specific dietary requests. There are large social areas that provide space for students to discuss their day and plan their weekend travels. We also run free weekly language lessons at the houses to help you integrate in the hospitals. 

Each house is privately rented so that we can make it exactly how we want it - a home from home for our students. Many companies prefer to offer the chance to stay with a local family, which sounds like a good experience, but we consistently hear from our students that healthcare placements can be a challenging time - testing your skills, abilities and emotions. After an intense day on placement, most students welcome the chance to relax with friends in a safe haven. We also know that most people travel alone, so living in a student community helps bring like-minded people together.