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At the moment I am planning my elective placement to Dar es salaam as part of my Midwifery course. I am so excited to have this amazing opportunity but nervous that I now have less than six months to fund the trip!

I decided that I would hold a clothes party. I had been to one before that a friend held where people take along clothes and then other people rummage around and go home with other people’s clothes.

I thought this was fantastic so I emailed friends and spoke to family and asked them would they be willing to donate any unwanted clothes, bags, shoes etc and I would charge a pound an item for clothing and then a donation of their choice for the rest. It became such a huge event that friends of friends were ringing saying they had clothes for me and would they be able to come. This got me thinking that there was no way I could fit everyone into my home. So I asked the local bowling club if I could borrow there club house for the evening. It had a bar so we had a great night. As it was to raise money they let me have the venue for FREE!!! Fantastic start I thought.

I was given some clothes rails although as there was so much stuff I ended up putting most of them on separate tables with a poster above of the sizes. 30 people turned up and it was brilliant. I raised £299.64 which was huge considering I only advertised it to friends and family. With all of the bags of clothes left and yes there is lots of them I have started to put things on eBay when there is free listing days and have a car boot sale planned however my friend told me there is a place nearby that weighs bags of clothes and gives you money for the weight of them so I am planning on doing that with what’s left. People’s generosity has blown me away.

My friends are now organising a 13 mile walk where they can either walk, run or bike and they will take sponsor forms from me and go and get sponsor money for taking part. My husband has also got involved and has helped me write to local companies and the local newspaper. My local Rotary club have given me £50!!! Just amazing.

I hope if you have a go you get the same success as I am sure you will. Happy planning!!!

This blog was written by Jenny Gough, a midwifery student at Staffordshire University doing her placement in Dar es Salaam in September 2012.


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