by Work the World

Flights, insurance, travel budget.... it all mounts up.

It is an unavoidable fact that taking your elective overseas is going to cost you more than it would if you stayed at home, and although we are happy to tell you where your monies go when you ask us to arrange your elective, we speak to lots of students that simply don’t have the budget to book onto one of our programmes. Before you give up your dreams of taking your skills to developing countries, there may be a way in which you could still travel with us.

There are lots of bursaries, grants and prizes available that could help towards the cost of your elective and new monies are being released all the time from various research bodies, professional organisations and charities. A quick search of the internet or a chat to your uni supervisor could open up a whole new avenue of funding that suddenly makes it possible after all. We are also going to be adding a new downloadable document to My Trip with advice on some of the bursaries available to you.

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