by Work the World

Wednesday was another really nice day, in the morning I went to a cafe nearby for tea with Shashi (the rad tech), Subash (the radiology resident) and Pramod (the medical physicist). It was quite funny how they kept snapping from English to Nepali and back again whenever they wanted me to join in or understand. I used to feel a bit excluded when everyone around me was speaking Nepali, but I don’t anymore- I’m in their country and they’ve been incredibly hospitable as it is, so everything’s cool. There was also a birthday in the department so someone brought some homemade cake in which was delicious- it’s unbelievable how much weight I’ve put on since being here, this is a developing country!!

The CT nurse, Laxmi, brought her 7 year old son in for the morning who had far too much energy so I taught him a few games and tricks with the intention of tiring him out, but it just exhausted me instead. He was disappointed with the poor selection of games on my iPhone, but really loved the photos of the Southsea dinosaur.

The hospital closed in the afternoon as it was Census day, and apparently 100 years since the first ever population count, so there was a national holiday. At 1pm a few of us got the bus back, but at the point where it sits in the market at Mahendrapul for a few minutes Anna and I decided to hop out and walk back. It was nice to wander through the streets but as usual we were stared at by some of the locals.

Then in the evening I had my last Nepali lesson with Prem, who had brought his 4 year old daughter along as the schools were closed, and she kept nodding off in the corner of the room which was quite cute. The kids in this country are nowhere near as annoying or obnoxious as the ones back home. Even the really precocious ones who speak perfect English and are well educated are still very modest and polite.

After the lesson it was BBQ time, the last one for me, and the weather was overcast and mild which was really rather pleasant. I don’t think I obtained any new mosquito bites either which is a turn up for the books.

Then this morning I got to work early (that’s happened a lot this week) and within a couple of hours of being here not only was there the usual delicious cup of tea, but also some kind of spring roll was handed out to everyone. I have no idea what was in it but I’ve become rather fearless since being here so I munched away, although the giggles from the nurses were a tad unnerving. Ah well!

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