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It’s a fact of life; everyone likes to ‘big themselves up’ from time to time! And while we can go on until we’re blue in the face about why you should choose to do your overseas placement with Work the World, the best people to ask are those who did choose us and are on placement right now.

This week we asked students in each of our destinations “why did you choose to do your elective placement with Work the World?” Here are some of the responses...

In Argentina the leading answer was the opportunity for students to brush up on their Spanish with our fantastic week-long Intensive Spanish Course. Amanda Woods, a medical student from Alabama said “interacting with patients in a Spanish speaking company is definitely the best way to improve my Spanish...the programme has everything I was looking for.”

Amanda also found us to be one of the only companies she researched offering placements in South America and to include the placement, accommodation, food and in-country support in the total cost.

For Aurore van Hoof, who had previously been done a placement with Work the World in Tanzania (we must be good!) said it’s the ease of everything which made her come back, “everything is organized by Work the World”.

Loads of our students find that case studies and blogs by previous students are an invaluable resource when deciding on their destination and to get a real insight into an overseas placement. Many students in Arusha also mentioned the fact that staying in the Work the World house is a real bonus!

“It is the best programme ever! Good arrangements and website feedback, reasonable cost and all volunteers together in the good location of destination house rather than a host family house.” - Melanie Robins.

“Reading the case studies on the website was great. I also liked the idea of living with other students as the house mates as opposed to living with a host family which other companies do. Work the World arranges your CTA permit and your hospital placement too.” - Amanda Thomson.

“From reading previous case studies and I wanted to experience healthcare in another country and Work the World was recommended to me by my university. They sort everything for you.” -  Jade Roby.


Many students hear about us from friends or students who have already been away with Work the World. Students who are planning on doing their elective with Work the World can become a Campus Rep at their university and those who have been away with us become Ambassadors, attending elective events on our behalf to tell other students all about their experience! Many of the students on placement in Dar es Salaam had heard about us through a friend.

“I knew I really wanted to come to Tanzania and my best friend had been away with Work the World and had really enjoyed it. So I checked out the website and it looked really good. The team were really friendly when I rang with any queries and to book. Very pleased I booked with Work the World.” - Amy Webster

“My friend was coming and recommended it to me. Also very safe and it required very little effort from me in terms of organisation.” - Ray Ahmed


Caroline Clay says “Work the World was recommended by a friend and a representative attended an elective talk at my base hospital at university. I watched other companies and preferred what Work the World had to offer.”

Sean Sutton a medical student on placement in Mwanza also heard about Work the World through a friend.

“I have a friend from medical school who did her elective with Work the World in Nepal. She was so impressed that she now works for them as an Ambassador. After looking at the Tanzania project online I decided that the placement would suit me because of the location, accommodation and the ability to personalise my placement.”

Tamsin Nicholas, also in Mwanza on her nursing placement chose Work the World “because it offered me a hospital to work at, a house to live in and people to show me around!! I also knew that I would be meeting and living with lots of other people doing the same as me.”

Students doing their elective in Nepal had also heard good things about us from people they knew which helped them decide them to do their placement with Work the World. Taking the hassle out of planning your elective is what we’re here for and a key point made by most students when they feedback about their time away with us.

“Work the World offered everything together so makes planning easier. Advice from my friend was that it was a good company and they enjoyed their time on placement last year. Obviously the different medical environment allows me to see how hospital runs outside of western medicine.” - Dan Fitzgibbon

“It was easy to arrange, offered lots of different placements including villages over our 8 weeks.” - Mark Jeffrey

We think Laura Porter sums up her reasons for choosing Work the World pretty nicely!

“I chose Work the World because of their reputation; I had heard from the years above me about their experience with Work the World (although not in Nepal). Work the World also visited Warwick on the elective evening which confirmed what I already knew about the company and made me feel more confident in using them. Last, but by no means least (!), it was much simpler than arranging my placement and accommodation. Work the World = peace of mind.”  - Laura Porter

We strive to take the hassle out of planning your elective and everything from a great hospital placement, to in-country support from our fantastic staff teams will be tailored to suit you, making sure you have an amazing experience you will never forget.

Of course we know that not every healthcare student will choose to do their elective with Work the World (try as we might!) but hopefully this feedback shows just some of the benefits of a Work the World placement. And if you’re still not sure, just get in touch!

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