With Arequipa facilitating the governments free dental care program for those unable to pay, under expert supervision you'll assist in treating patients with needs ranging from extractions and fillings, to oral surgery and beyond. Other problems common in the region are cavities, misaligned teeth, and severe decay. Outside of your placement, the city of Arequipa is a wonderful and interesting mix of history and modernity, with contemporary businesses housed in beautiful volcanic stone. Read what our students think below!

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Leo (Wong Yin Ho)

University of Hong Kong 2010


When we performed extractions, we had to use gauze to keep the mouth dry and look at the socket, using lignocaine without adrenaline as an anaesthetic.

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Pritesh Narsinh

University of Otago 2010


Throughout my whole time at the clinic I was never alone. The tough times were always made up for with lots of jokes from the staff

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