Los Angeles Pierce College 2015

Nursing, Peru Arequipa

The main reason why I chose work the world for my elective was its price comparison.  Work the World provided me with the most accommodations and experience for a very reasonable price.  I also chose Peru as my placement city because it gave me a chance to really submerge myself in the Latin American culture, which is something that I've never experienced before.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

During my placement in Arequipa, my Spanish communication skills greatly improved. The main mode of communication is Spanish.  I was able to really challenge myself in this placement.

In Peru, the healthcare personnel are very resourceful.  They were able to make the most of what little they had and to me that makes all the difference in a sick persons recovery back to good health. All my life I've taken for granted all the resources that we have in the U.S. And here in Peru, the nurses and doctors are saving lives with what little they have.

The most interesting things that I've seen on placement have been a cholecystectomy and a colon tumour excision and colon anastomosis.

My favourite activity here in Arequipa has definitely been water rafting down the chili river. It was so cold but 100% worth it!

I would recommend work the world to other students because with this program I was able to travel and live in South America, gain valuable experiences, and make lifelong friendships.

Khrista, Prudencio

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