Lusaka and Beyond

  • Lusaka is… “Zambia’s eclectic, yet unmistakably African capital city, with everything from bustling handicraft markets to popular bars and restaurants"
  • Peer over the edge of Victoria Falls, and go whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River
  • Get close to elephants, lions, rhino, zebra, and giraffe
  • Visit Siavonga for lakeside  beaches, boat rides and beers while the sun goes down
  • Zambian people are proud of their country and passionate about sharing everything it offers
  • Rural Health Week: To understand the challenges of delivering healthcare in a rural setting, spend a week with a rural community


The interior of the Lusaka house has a welcoming feel, and has spacious living areas. With a lounge, dining room, bedrooms and balconies you’ll have ample room to socialise with your housemates. The outdoor area will allow you to enjoy the warm weather or find some shade to relax with a book.

The Programme Manager and their assistant run the house, providing 24/7 support. There is also a housekeeper, a chef who’ll cook you two incredible meals every day (weekly BBQ nights included), and a language teacher who hosts lessons twice a week.


In addition to your city-based placement in Lusaka, spending an extra week in a rural village is an amazing way to gain an understanding of Zambian culture at it's most authentic.

In the mornings you’ll attend the village’s healthcare centre that helps treat the local population. In the afternoons, you’ll get a lesson in local culture as you spend time engaging in all manner of activities, from learning how to cook local dishes, to exploring the beautiful surroundings.

Electives in this destination

"Using the most basic equipment we drained six litres of fluid from a patient's abdomen."

Oluwadara Oyewole, University of Edinburgh 2018

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"I would absolutely recommend the Work the World experience. It will change you completely."

Elizabeth Randon, Cardiff University 2018

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"There were no electronic beds, no hoists or steadies, no chairs... It really opened my eyes to how lucky we have it back home."

Matthew Howes, Cardiff University 2018

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