Work the world accommodation

On one of our placements you’ll live in one of our private, fully catered Work the World houses. Unlike other providers who offer homestay style accommodation, our houses offer you all the comforts of home. 

Each house has spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges with comfy furniture, dining rooms, gardens and in some programmes swimming pools. Most importantly each of our houses has WiFi! 

Your Work the World house is your home from home, and a fun social hub while you’re with us overseas. 

“True to the words on the Work the World website, the house really was a home away from home! I lived with students  from all over the world, and we enjoyed comparing our experiences each day."Rachael Bowis, Nurse, Manchester Metropolitan University

Your stay in a work the world house includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Dedicated Programme Team
  • Housekeeping
  • Language lessons
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 Security

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You will live with fellow students from different healthcare disciplines all over the world.

You’ll get to know each other well. Most people travel to placement together, socialise in the house (or out and about) in the evenings, and organise weekend trips together.

And that goes whether you're travelling on your own or as a group.

Your housemates will be a diverse crowd, but you’re all in the same boat, which brings you together.

When you need some time alone, the houses are large enough that it’s easy to find some space to be by yourself.


Your breakfast and dinner are freshly prepared by your in-house catering team. Our teams have impressive culinary backgrounds and will prepare local delicacies and more familiar western-style dishes.

Lunch is either available at the house (depending on your placement schedule) or you can rustle up something for yourself to take in — the cupboards and fridges are kept well stocked.

Don’t worry if you have food sensitivities - our team can accommodate all dietary requirements. Don’t forget to ask us about our famous weekly barbecue nights when enquiring about your placement.


Experienced, locally-hired in-country teams run our houses.

You will become most familiar with your in-country management team. They’re responsible for your entire experience overseas from the moment you land to the moment you leave.

Based in an office within the house, they go above and beyond to make sure you have the once-in-a-lifetime experiences we’re known for.

Each house has a housekeeper to make sure your living space is clean and tidy. There's even a 24-hour security team for your peace of mind. You can read more about our in-country support offering here.