Hue is one of Vietnam’s most lively cities. You’ll find adventure around every corner and have the chance to immerse yourself in local culture. From Hue, you can explore national parks, experience Vietnamese nightlife in the coastal cities, kick back on tropical beaches… there’s more to do than you’ll have time for.

The Work the World House

The Work the World house is a big part of your experience in Vietnam, and your home away from home. 

What's more, you'll live with other healthcare students and graduates from all over the world, giving the house a social atmosphere.

Our house in Hue offers a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city. The garden is beautiful, with a stream, an ancient wishing well, and a swimming pool for good measure.

The house is located in the centre of the Hue, within walking distance of the famous imperial city.

Cross the bridge over the Perfume River, and you can find some of the city’s best bars, lively markets, temples, and street food vendors galore.

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In-Country Team

Management team: Based in the house, they oversee your entire Work the World experience — 24/7 — from the moment you land to the moment you leaveCatering team: Cook a variety of both local cuisine and familiar home comforts, accommodating all dietary requirementsHousekeeper: Keeps the house clean and tidy from top to bottom, making sure you're comfortableLanguage teacher: Visits the house twice per-week. During their lessons, you’ll learn everyday phrases and clinical terminology to help you get more from your placementSecurity team: Monitor the house 24/7 for your peace of mind

Support in the Hospital

Your in-country team will take you on an informal visit to the hospital before you start your placement. They’ll introduce you to key department staff — including your supervisors — and get you settled in. You’ll often see the in-country team in the hospital. They’ll visit you while you’re on placement, the aim of which is to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Before you begin your placement, we assign your supervisors. Building a relationship with them allows you to see the local healthcare system from the perspective of a local practitioner.

We’ve got all bases covered and offer support throughout your clinical placement as and when you need it.

Medical Electives in Vietnam


Our programmes are open! You can book your Work the World overseas placement with total confidence. Once you’ve secured your space, you can make unlimited changes to your travel dates, absolutely free.

You’ll find peace of mind in the knowledge that our well-established safety measures help mitigate the risks associated with Covid, whichever destination you travel to. This is because our safety blueprint gives us control over each and every aspect of your experience from your in-country team's safety training to sanitisation of your private accommodation.

Need a last-minute placement? We have developed a fast-track that lets us plan and build you a world-class trip, faster than ever.


Electives in Hue

Nursing Electives in Vietnam

Nursing Electives

Vietnam is a great choice if you want to get a range of clinical experience. You can spend some time in departments like OBG, NICU, cardiovascular, orthopaedics, surgery, and paediatrics. Following the theme of broadening your experiences, you can also shadow doctors to learn more about the healthcare system as a whole. Moving back to departments, you can undertake your clinical placement in A&E, psychiatry, oncology, gastrointestinal endoscopy, a reproductive endocrinology and infertility centre — whatever takes your interest. As with our other destinations, you can actually split your placement across multiple departments, so ask us about this when you enquire.

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Medical Electives in Vietnam

Medical Electives

In Hue, you can spend time in A&E, OBG, internal medicine, and general and orthopaedic surgery among others. Oncology is particularly insightful. Modern ‘Western’ medicine remains unregulated in some areas, so you could even see cases of arsenic poisoning in infants who have ingested unregulated baby formula. You may also see cases like chronic malnutrition in paediatric patients, and high volumes of patients involved in RTAs.

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Midwifery Electives in Vietnam

Midwifery Electives

If you compare Vietnam to the UK, Vietnam has a high infant mortality rate. But in the last ten years, local specialists have done a lot of work to bring the numbers down. While you’re on placement here you’ll spend time in our partner hospital’s OBG department where you’ll see this work being done. You can get involved in areas like prenatal and postnatal care, and live births. In the birthing unit, you can see how differently local midwives approach breech births, pre eclamptic shock and undersized babies. You can also get experience in the ‘high risk unit’ where staff treat mothers with diabetes, hypertension, abnormal bleeding and miscarriages.

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Physiotherapy Placements in Vietnam

Physiotherapy Placements

You’ll do your physiotherapy placement in our partner hospital’s rehabilitation department. The department houses physiotherapy, speech therapy and OT. Physiotherapy is the largest of the three areas, with a busy outpatient service. You’ll see a lot of patients from some of Vietnam’s most economically disadvantaged areas. The caseload is diverse and will prove eye opening. You’ll see post-surgical patients, paediatric patients, and patients presenting with cerebral palsy (and other neurological conditions), spinal conditions (including spina bifida), and severe burns. You can also get involved in clinical rounds and even emergency consultations.

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Paramedic Science Electives in Vietnam

Paramedic Science Electives

Spend time in our partner teaching hospital’s A&E department on your placement in Vietnam. You’ll see cases like RTA’s and trauma, and unfamiliar diseases. Many patients travel in from some of Vietnam’s most rural areas, so the patient demographic is mixed. You’ll also see how modern practises complement ancient traditions.

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Radiography Electives in Vietnam

Radiography Electives

Your radiography placement in Hue takes place in a busy radiography department spanning three floors. You’ll find the MRI and CT scan units on the ground floor. This floor is mostly inpatients who have had head trauma, a stroke, or are suffering from cancer. Inpatient X-rays are on the first floor, which also has a busy sonography area. The second floor deals with outpatient X-rays, and this floor also has its own sonography area. You’ll see some fascinating cases and practises while you’re here, like injecting contrast into patients’ biliary tracts through the ribs while under X-ray instead of CT.

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Pharmacy Placements in Vietnam

Pharmacy Placements

If you spend time in our partner institution in Hue, you’ll learn how a Vietnamese hospital pharmacy runs from top to bottom. The way this works is through participation. You’ll help dispense outpatient medicine, help take stock of pharmaceutical supplies, provide drug information, refer to patient records, and visit specialised wards — like oncology and cardiology — to see what role the Vietnamese pharmacist plays. You can choose to get some experience in the renal pharmacy, the OPD pharmacy, the drug stores, the inpatient department pharmacy, or all of the above.

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You’ll see one side of the Vietnamese healthcare system during your city-based placement. The other, you’ll see if you choose to undertake this additional week in a rural setting with your official Work the World guide and interpreter.

In the mornings, you’ll head to the local clinic to learn how local professionals employ resourcefulness to get around a lack of equipment. Your afternoons you’re free to explore cultural activities such as learning local traditions through participation, and cooking regional specialties.


Medical Electives in Vietnam
Medical Electives in Vietnam
Medical Electives in Vietnam

"Vietnam has taught me that I can always be better. The medical student I was when I passed my finals, simply was not good enough to survive in the big bad world".

Ben Ward, Dundee University 2020

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"I learnt so much both in my practical skills, care and compassion and ability to problem solve."

Chloe Dooley, Cardiff University 2020

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"Limited to a gym with little equipment, generating treatment ideas was a challenge."

Emily Moules, Teesside University 2019

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"There were many opportunities to learn new things throughout my placement."

Jacqueline Rhodes, University of Portsmouth 2019

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"There were always different students in the house so there were lots of like-minded people!"

Abigail Butchers, London South Bank University 2019

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What healthcare disciplines do Work the World cater for?

Work the World organise supervised healthcare electives for the following disciplines: - 1. Nursing (all branches) 2. Medical 3. Midwifery 4. Physiotherapy 5. Radiography 6. Pharmacy 7. Dentistry 8. Occupational Therapy 9. Paramedic Science

What countries can I travel to on a Work the World elective?

Work the World provides a huge variety of flexible placement opportunities throughout Asia & Africa. These include: 1. Tanzania 2. Ghana 3. The Philippines 4. Nepal 5. Sri Lanka 6. Vietnam 

What is the Work the World house like in Vietnam?

Our house in Hue offers a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city. The garden is beautiful, with a stream, an ancient wishing well, and a swimming pool. The house is located in the centre of the Hue, within walking distance of the famous imperial city.

What travelling opportunities are there for me whilst I’m in Vietnam?

Hue is one of Vietnam’s most lively cities. You’ll find adventure around every corner and have the chance to immerse yourself in local culture. You can explore national parks, experience Vietnamese nightlife in the coastal cities and kick back on tropical beaches.