Live events across the country

Our events offer you the perfect opportunity to learn about our range of overseas healthcare placements. You can hear directly from people who have recently travelled with us, and take part in Q&A sessions with our team of experts.


We host and attend events all over the world — from face-to-face presentations to hosting entire cohorts via video conference.


We speak to faculties, students and student societies about international electives, and also create a custom presentation in collaboration with your school to suit your individual needs.



If you want your students to travel overseas for their electives, we can offer you extensive support. This includes:

  • A streamlined documentation process

  • Aligning our electives with your faculty's expectations and safety protocols, as well as accrediting body guidelines

  • A letter confirming each student’s place on an elective

  • Signed confirmation of hours each student has spent in the hospital

  • Useful information around insurance

Once the student has secured a space on one of our programmes, we can also provide information like hospital names and addresses, supervisors name/position within the hospital etc. If your school requires officially documented and signed information about any other facet of a students’ placement please contact us to discuss your options.


If you would like us to present at your event please get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1273 974 634 or send us an email to