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Many publish stories written by students who've travelled with Work the World. Some stories are from students who are still studying and some are from their alumni, talking about how an overseas elective influenced where they are with their career now - you can read some of them below.

PRESS"In theatre, I took the opportunity to work on my suturing skills and learn about cases I would have never seen in the UK before."  Amy Ross, medical student, Queen's University Belfast 

PRESS"The biggest highlight from my time in Tanzania has to be seeing the children progressing, especially in the burn unit where I saw some of the worst cases I have ever seen." Chloe Ferris, child nursing graduate, Edinburgh Napier University

PRESS“When I was in A&E and triaging patients, a man came in quite poorly. He was really delirious and obviously needed oxygen. But the family couldn’t afford it, so he didn’t get it. That patient eventually died." Emily Wyre, paramedic science student, University of Brighton

PRESS"During my placement in Tanzania I got to visit multiple children’s wards at my placement hospital. During my six weeks, I had the opportunity to experience an oncology ward, neonatal unit, burns unit, theatres and intensive care. Sheriece Johnson, nursing student, University of Manchester

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