Registration Fee

This one-off fee allows us to formally process your application and confirm your place on the programme. It will also give you access to all of our pre-departure preparation materials via your personalised MyTrip portal. Prices quoted below are in addition to the registration fee.


  • Guidance from our team of destination experts
  • Comprehensive pre-departure preparation process
  • Support with all university documentation
  • Access to a personalised online placement planner
  • Unique experience in specially selected partner hospitals
  • Guaranteed structured clinical supervision
  • Airport pick-up, city orientation & hospital introductions 
  • Live in private, catered accommodation
  • 24/7 support from experienced in-country teams
  • Free local language lessons twice per-week
Destinations 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks Extra Weeks (each)
£1290 £1440 £1590 £1740 £1890 £300
£1290 £1440 £1590 £1740 £1890 £300
£1240 £1390 £1540 £1690 £1840 £300

Ghana Takoradi

£1140 £1290 £1440 £1590 £1740 £300

Nepal Kathmandu

£1190 £1340 £1490 £1640 £1790 £300

Nepal Pokhara

£1040 £1190 £1340 £1490 £1640 £300

The Philippines Iloilo

£1290 £1440 £1590 £1740 £1890 £300

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

£1190 £1340 £1490 £1640 £1790 £300

Sri Lanka Kandy

£1190 £1340 £1490 £1640 £1790 £300

Cambodia Phnom Penh

£1240 £1390 £1540 £1690 £1840 £300

Tanzania Arusha

£1240 £1390 £1540 £1690 £1840 £300

Tanzania Dar es Salaam

£1590 £1740 £1890 £2040 £2190 £300

Peru Arequipa

£1240 £1390 £1540 £1690 £1840 £300

You can pay for your placement whenever you like and in as many instalments as you like, as long as the balance is clear 60 days before you're due to depart.



Broaden your placement experience by adding an extra week to your trip. From living in a Himalayan village to seeing lions on safari, you'll find a selection of destination-specific options that will be the highlight of your experience overseas.

Village Healthcare Week - £400

To complement your city-based placement many of our destinations also offer you the chance to live and work with traditional rural communities. Accompanied by a Work the World guide, you'll gain an understanding of the challenges faced by primary healthcare providers. You'll also get have the afternoons free to enjoy cultural activities like traditional dancing, weaving, and cooking lessons.

Available in:


Intensive Spanish Course - £350

For both our programmes in Arequipa and Merida, during your first week (before your clinical placement begins), you'll enjoy 30 hours of Spanish lessons crafted with healthcare students in mind. Our Intensive Spanish Course has been specifically designed to equip you with everything you need to make the most of your elective in local hospitals and clinics. If you don't already speak Spanish at a conversational level, this bespoke program will certainly bring you up to speed. The Spanish schools we've partnered with has a wealth of experience working with healthcare professionals, so you know you're in the most capable hands before you've even arrived.

Available in:

electives in peru


In a remote village, accompanied by a Work the World guide, you’ll learn the ancient art of Ayurveda or ‘tree medicine’ from a master healer. You'll learn how to create Ayurvedic medicines from plants and barks found in the jungle. In the afternoons you’ll take part in cultural activities like wild elephant safaris, canoe trips through dense jungle, visiting Ayurveda spas, and swimming in the nearby lake at sunset.

Available in:

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