Your safety, security, and comfort are our principal concern. Some of the measures we take to ensure your safety and security will be obvious, but many go on behind the scenes, which will leave you to enjoy a worry-free placement. Get in touch before you decide to travel, and Work the World will be on hand for the duration of your placement providing comprehensive pre-departure preparation and on-the-ground support as and when you need it.


All our placements are in countries that are perfect for international work and travel. We purposefully select stable and secure countries and are in regular contact with travel advisory services, including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to ensure we’re well ahead of any potential issues that could occur. Our teams on the ground give us a clear picture of local situations and provide us with crucial insight regarding neighbouring countries. We have comprehensive protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of all our current and prospective students should any given situation change. What’s more our Programme Managers and Assistant managers are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Our pre-travel service is unmatched. It provides students with an abundance of information that we’ve cultivated over a decade of experience. We provide extensive support via phone and email too. Our personalised online placement tracker—'MyTrip'—is ready and updated with your visa requirements, and flight, health, financial, and insurance information, together with details about your accommodation, housemates and our local staff team. Finally, our head office staff will contact you by email and phone right before you go to make sure you're all set, and are on hand to answer any last minute queries and concerns.


A member of our in-country team will greet you when you land at your destination airport. If you're travelling by another mode of transport as long as you let us know far enough in advance, we'll meet you wherever your port of entry is. At the end of your placement we will also arrange your transport back to the airport, to ensure you’re looked after from the moment you travel to the moment you leave.


Both your accommmodation and your living experience will be carefully thought through to make sure we cater completely to your enjoyment and wellbeing. We discuss your placement with you before you leave so that you will be familiar with your surroundings upon arrival, and indeed with the people you'll meet. However, we will also be supportive and respectful of your independence. This way you can focus on your experience safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for you around the clock.

Our private houses are shared with other Work the World students for all our placements. They are of a generous size, highly secure, and only accessible to Work the World staff and students. We also employ extra security measures, such as 24-hour guards, alarms and cameras where necessary. On our weeklong add-on experiences you’ll stay with host families or in guesthouses, which are carefully vetted and continually assesed by our staff.


Our dedicated and experienced staff will be there to help you adjust to your new surroundings. Local cultures and working environments, while they may at first appear different or strange, will quickly become accessible and familiar to you. We know it can be difficult being far from home, so you’ll undertake a comprehensive orientation around the local area upon arrival. Both before and during your trip we’ll answer any questions and provide as much information as possible around local people and places to help you settle. We’ve been helping people travel for a decade, so we’ll likely pre-empt your questions and provide answers from the moment you sign up.


Our teams on the ground will introduce you to your placement and accompany you for the duration of your first day. They’ll show you the best and most cost-effective way to get to and from the hospital or clinic you’ll be working at. This will often be by foot as our properties are generally very close to hospitals, but sometimes by public transport (which is usually very reasonable). Our team members will introduce you to your colleagues and help you with your initial paperwork. They'll also show you the way home. After your first day the teams will always be on hand should you need them, and will always be making you feel confident with your new routine.

Make sure you get in contact before you decide to travel, and Work the World will be with you every step of the way.