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Significant numbers of hospitals in developing countries struggle due to low staffing levels and high patient loads. As such so students on midwifery placements find themselves involved with treatment and patient care very quickly. Under resourced wards can also mean a return to the basics of midwifery training, diagnosing and treating conditions without familiar levels of equipment.

There is also a great opportunity during our electives to see cases that are seldom, if ever, found in the UK. Whether you are interested in tropical diseases such as malaria or tuberculosis in pregnancy, or wish to focus on specific areas like the prevention of HIV between mother and child, this is a great chance to expand your midwifery knowledge. 

Unfortunately cost, distance and a lack of education in resource-poor countries means patients regularly present with diseases such as gynaecological cancers that have advanced to a critical stage, or have complications such as pre-eclampsia in labour that would have been identified at home during antenatal care. The chance to witness and treat these conditions will undoubtedly teach you new skills and enhance your understanding of midwifery.