YOU CAN DO YOUR ELECTIVE WITH US IF YOU'RE STUDYING or have graduated with a degree in:

We cater to a wide range of healthcare electives and placements for both students and graduates. If you're looking for something that isn’t listed above, please get in touch using the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.


You can choose from a range of destinations across Africa, Asia and Latin America. If you’re not sure which destination to choose, just speak to one of our consultants.

We’ll help you find the programme that most closely matches your interests. Thanks to the strong relationships we have with our partner hospitals your placement can be tailored down to the very last detail.

Already know where you want to go? Get in touch and we’ll do a quick availability check in your chosen destination.

Travel whenever you want for as long as you like (minimum of one week). You can travel with friends, or go by yourself and make friends when you get there.


2. SECURE YOUR PLACE with flexible payments

All you need to do is pay your £300 registration fee to reserve your place and we will confirm your placement within 24 hours.

You can spread the rest of the cost of your placement by breaking it into smaller instalments. As long as your balance is clear at least 90 days before your trip, you can pay as much or as little as you like, whenever you like.

You can click below to see the full list of everything included in the price.



You’ll have a series of calls with your dedicated placement coordinator in the run up to your trip.

They’ll make sure you’re prepared, and you’ll feel completely confident before you travel.

You'll also have a clinical consultation where you’ll choose which departments you want to rotate through, and we’ll help you with everything from entry visas to university paperwork.

Through your online placement planner (MyTrip) you’ll see detailed information about your placement hospitals, your accommodation, even who your housemates are.



Your in-country team will be waiting for you when you land at the local airport.

You’ll head together to the Work the World house.

This is where you'll meet your housemates, enjoy a home-cooked welcome dinner and settle into your room.

The next day, you'll get your welcome briefing, and the local team will take you out on your city orientation.

Don't forget that your in-country team offer 24/7 support, as much as you need it, throughout your trip.


Apperley, Harriet

Nardani, Umisha


Your in-country team take you to your placement hospital for a full orientation. They’ll introduce you to your supervisors and key department staff ready for your first day.

Placements run Monday to Friday, and you'll travel to your hospital each morning with your housemates.

We're partnered with government, private, teaching and specialist hospitals, and you can rotate through the departments you choose (depending on your discipline).

Our local teams have strong in-person relationships with the hospitals, so you know you'll get support throughout.

If your university needs you to complete a certain number of placement hours, no problem. Your supervisors will sign off any hours you spend in the hospital.


BPC - Bethany Lane


Spend your evenings exploring your host city, and weekends are free for trips further afield.


Trek through the snowy Himalayan mountains, relax on Southeast Asia’s tropical paradise beaches, go on safari in Africa…  you name it.


Worried about travelling solo?


Don’t be — you’ll spend weekends travelling with the new friends you make in the Work the World house.



Alsop, Genevieve

Why Work the World?

We tailor placements for thousands of students and graduates like you every year. With us, you’ll benefit from partnerships we have with hospitals all over the world. From university teaching hospitals to specialist clinics, and from government hospitals to small rural health posts.


We’ve been creating overseas electives since 2005. In that time we’ve honed our service to make sure you have an amazing time regardless of which destination you choose.


Change your perspective on global health with one of our overseas placements. Meet new people, immerse yourself in local culture, and create story-worthy travel memories along the way. Fill out the enquirt form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.