Dar es Salaam offers the perfect mix of opportunities that come from living in a cosmopolitan city, with the ultimate traveller’s paradise beckoning from across the water. Just an hour from the mainland, Zanzibar’s white sands and turquoise waters are a mecca for divers, backpackers and party-goers. Travel inland and you will find once-in-a-lifetime safari opportunities.

The Work The World House

Life in our house in Dar es Salaam makes up a huge part of your trip — it’s your home away from home. You'll stay with other healthcare students from countries around the world and that gives the house a social community feel to it.

The house is located in the north of the city, only a stone’s throw from the Indian Ocean. The building itself is spacious, decorated with traditional African carvings, has private and communal spaces, and an outdoor pool on the grounds.

In the evenings, you’re only a couple of minutes walk from seafront shops and restaurants.

In the broader area, you can visit traditional craft markets, local bars, and catch boats going on whale-watching and snorkelling trips.

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In-Country Team

Management team: Based in the house, they oversee your entire Work the World experience — 24/7 — from the moment you land to the moment you leaveCatering team: Cook a variety of both local cuisine and familiar home comforts, accommodating all dietary requirementsHousekeeper: Keeps the house clean and tidy from top to bottom, making sure you're comfortableLanguage teacher: Visits the house twice per-week. During their lessons, you’ll learn everyday phrases and clinical terminology to help you get more from your placementSecurity team: Monitor the house 24/7 for your peace of mind

Support in the Hospital

Our team in Dar es Salaam will take you on an informal visit to the hospital before you start your placement. The team will take you around the hospital itself, introducing you to department staff and your supervisors to give you a feel for what to expect. You’ll often see members of our Dar es Salaam team in the hospital. They’ll come to visit you during your placement to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Before the start of your placement, we’ll assign your clinical supervisors. If you put effort into building a relationship with them, they will offer insight into practices and conditions in a way that only a local practitioner can.

Crucially, we offer support throughout your clinical placement as and when you need it. We’ve got all bases covered.

tanzania electives

Electives in Dar es Salaam

Nursing Electives, Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Nursing Electives

In Dar es Salaam you’ll see conditions you’ve never seen before like cerebral malaria and cholera. You can experience departments you might not have seen too. These include paediatrics, the infectious diseases unit, theatre, and specialist surgical wards like neurosurgery. There are unique opportunities on the psychiatric ward and in anaesthesiology too. You can focus in on specific areas of interest like paediatric HIV, or spend time in lots of departments to get an interdepartmental understanding of nursing in Tanzania. You will see some local students here too, so you can talk about the differences between nursing education too. If you're interested in nursing electives in Africa, Tanzania is a great option.

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Medical Electives, Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Medical Electives

In Dar es Salaam, HIV and related cases are considerable issues. As such, you can attend an HIV clinic to get insight into how the condition is treated in a low-resource environment. Of course, you can also see how Tanzanian medicine is practised in areas like paediatrics, surgical wards like neurosurgery, and the infectious diseases unit. Speaking of infectious diseases, both communicable and non-communicable diseases are treated in A&E, with little attention paid to infection control. We also have fantastic opportunities on the psychiatric ward and in anaesthesiology. If you're looking for a medical elective in Africa, you should add Tanzania to your shortlist.

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Midwifery Electives, Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Midwifery Electives

While you’re on placement here, you’ll get a good idea of what life is like for a Tanzanian midwife. You might choose to spend time in areas you know, like neonatal intensive care, theatre, postnatal ward and the labour ward. Or you might feel like pushing yourself by visiting specialist areas like the OBG department’s dedicated HIV ward. You’ll be supervised by local midwives, but you’ll also make friends with Tanzanian healthcare students doing their placements at the same time as you. They will help explain why local practises are so different from what you experience at home. Don’t be surprised if see things like doctors applying fundal pressure to help women deliver!

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Physiotherapy Electives, Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Physiotherapy Placements

If you do your elective placement here in Dar es Salaam, you’ll see patients who’ve sustained injuries from mining accidents, RTAs, and even construction and logging accidents. You’ll see that equipment in the department is outdated, similar to some of our other destinations. But in Dar es Salaam, resources are even lower, which makes it hard for local therapists to effectively help patients. Despite this, therapists still manage to provide good rehabilitation for most of their patients. In terms of conditions, you’ll see things like lower back pain, severe strokes, cerebral palsy, delayed milestones, neuropathies, nerve injuries, contractures, arthritis, and post eclampsia.

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Paramedic Science Electives

In Dar es Salaam, you can get experience in A&E, or surgery. Or both. Your placement here is in a national referral hospital that hosts the main A&E department in the city. That means cases are often serious. As this is the only department of its kind in Tanzania, some patients travel from hundreds of miles away to be seen, even in an emergency. You’ll see a lot in terms of cases, sepsis with multi-organ failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome, cerebral malaria, metabolic disorders, polytrauma, blunt trauma, and penetrating trauma are all on the list. If you’re looking for an elective in Africa, Tanzania is a great choice.

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Radiography Electives, Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Radiography Electives

Most radiography students will undertake a placement in our large national partner hospital in Dar es Salaam. You’ll scan and help diagnose cases of fractures, trauma, road traffic accidents, and tumors. You’ll see a lot of communicable disease too, as Zambia has much higher levels of conditions like TB and HIV than the UK. The department here is equipped to conduct general and orthopaedic radiography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT, and MRI. If you’re interested in radiotherapy, you can get experience in a specialised cancer hospital too. They have a simulator unit, and administer external beam radiotherapy and intracavitary radiotherapy. They have a LINAC, and use a cesium 137 source orthovoltage machine.

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Dentistry Electives, Tanzania (Arusha)

Dentistry Electives

You’ll do your placement in the dental department in one of Dar es Salaam’s best tertiary referral hospitals. Your options span oral surgery and oral pathology, preventative and community dentistry, and restorative dentistry. In the oral surgery and oral pathology department, you can sit in on oral surgeries, and join staff on their weekly ward rounds. In preventative and community dentistry, you can head out into the city with Tanzanian dentistry students. In the restorative dentistry department, you can get involved in four units — cariology, prosthodontics, periodontology, and dental biomaterials. If you’re interested, you can get experience with paedodontics too.

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Occupational Therapy Electives, Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

Occupational Therapy Electives

Trained professionals, hailing from a number of disciplines, staff the rehabilitative medicine department in our main partner hospital. The department receives both inpatients and outpatients, and (on average) sees around 20 patients per day. You can also head out with the team to help conduct home visits. The team also have a presence in the ICU. Typical cases that the rehabilitative medicine department receive include strokes, cerebral palsy, back pain, neuropathies, nerve injuries, contractures, arthritis, post eclampsia to name but a few. If you're looking for an elective in Africa, Tanzania is a great option.

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In addition to your main placement in Dar es Salaam, for one week you’ll have the opportunity to become part of an African village community based in a remote location on the western side of the Uluguru Mountains. In the mornings, you’ll get experience in a busy primary healthcare clinic seeing how care is provided in a rural setting, making it the perfect complement to your time in the city. In your free time you’ll take part in many local activities. This includes cycling to the sugar cane plantations, visiting nearby waterfalls, visiting local primary schools, and learning traditional drumming and dancing.


BPC - Laura Dewulf

"On the infectious diseases ward the pattern of presentations was very different to the UK."

Alice Hanton, University of Leeds 2020

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"The hospital was huge & the healthcare system was very different from what I was used to in the UK."

Anna Hilliar , Oxford Brookes University 2020

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"In both the burns and oncology wards, the cases were very severe and progressive."

Sheriece Johnson, University of Manchester 2020

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"I gained experience that I wouldn’t get anywhere else."

Danielle Broad, University of Birmingham 2020

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"It was truly an amazing, yet emotional, experience – one that will be with me for life."

Rebekah Morris, Cardiff University 2020

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