You have choices to make when planning out your healthcare placement. Which destination best suits your travel style? Which departments do you want to get experience in? How long do you want to travel for?

You can seek guidance from us on all of the above right the way through the placement planning process. You get expert advice and support as a core part of the Work the World service.

But one decision you have to make is whether you want to travel solo or as part of a group. Both have advantages, so the choice comes down to how you feel each option best suits you.

Get an experience tailored to you

If you’re thinking about travelling solo, you’re not the only one — about half of the people who travel with us choose to travel alone. The other half travel as part of a group, so it’s a near-even split.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, the beauty of doing so on a Work the World placement is that you will:

  • Get comprehensive, structured support from us and our in-country teams

  • Be able to spend time with your Work the World housemates when you’re feeling sociable

  • Have complete freedom to focus on yourself when you need time alone

Plan your placement without compromising

If you travel as part of a group, you’ll inevitably have to discuss travel dates and destinations together. But whether you want to travel solo or with friends, you can still plan the core details of your clinical placement around your skills and interests.

In the run-up to your trip, you’ll have a call with our expert team. This is an in-depth, but informal chat about what interests you from a clinical perspective.

You’ll talk through your experience to date and your goals, and then we will build your perfect placement.

Meet us at your arrival airport

You don’t need to feel daunted by the idea of landing in an unfamiliar country—

We will have your flight details and send a member of our team to meet you at the airport wearing their blue Work the World shirt.

Then, they’ll take you back to the Work the World house to meet your new housemates. From then on, your in-country team will be there for you throughout your placement.

Get peace of mind with 24/7 in-country support

HOUSEWhether you decide to travel as a group or alone, you will have total support throughout your trip.

Your in-country team will take you on a city orientation to help you familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. 

Then, we’ll take you on a tour of your placement hospital too. By the time you start your placement, staff on the wards will know exactly who you are, why you're there and how best to support you.

You get this kind of access because we have unique partnerships with local hospitals — not something that most elective providers can say.

make friends in the Work the World house

Living in a Work the World house revolves around the social aspect. And this is true whether you're travelling with university friends or embarking on a solo journey.

Close connections will develop among you and your new housemates as you commute to your placements, explore local bars and restaurants in the evenings, and head off on big weekend trips together.

Through living with a diverse group of fellow healthcare students and graduates, you'll develop a common purpose, forging lasting friendships and valuable professional connections over the weeks.

Should you ever need some alone time, the spacious houses offer ample room for finding a quiet spot to decompress.

Boost your confidence

A trip like this helps you get outside your comfort zone. You can push yourself to try new things, and each time you do something new you’ll feel emboldened to go that little bit further next time.

You might think this benefit is exclusive to solo travellers, but that’s not the case — you’ll still develop your confidence even if you travel with friends from home. Throughout your trip, you’ll continually prove to yourself that you have the courage to step confidently into new experiences.

Start your journey now

Each person undertaking an overseas placement starts from a different level of confidence. Some of you will be raring to go, while others may need a bit more reassurance before settling in. Both are common. And, whether or not you find yourself in a group or travelling alone, we’ll prepare a placement to suit your requirements with a level of support to match.

So. Now that you’re feeling confident, it’s time to take the first step in bringing your solo travel adventure to life —