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Take advantage of a rare opportunity and undertake your occupational therapy elective overseas. New clinical settings will help you learn how local OTs work with limited resources to treat cases, often differently to how they’re treated at home. Occupational Therapy electives abroad advance both personal and professional development.

We’ve been crafting occupational therapy placements for more than a decade. The partnerships we’ve formed around the world with local hospitals and clinics provide unusual flexibility when tailoring your placement. Another bonus of these relationships is high quality structured supervision throughout your placement. Expert in-country teams oversee your entire placement and provide support 24/7. The same teams also look after our private, catered accommodation, and keep a close eye on your clinical experience throughout.

how it works

We have unparalleled expertise when it comes to our programmes. We will help you make a well-informed decision about which destination to visit. Next, with your areas of clinical interest in mind — for example burns rehabilitation or building home care plans — we design and build your elective. Our placement experts will help you customise each detail, including which areas you want to spend time in.

To help you keep track of each stage of your tailor-made occupational therapy elective you’ll get access to MyTrip — an interactive planner, which contains personalised information on every aspect of your occupational therapy elective.


A member of our in-country management team will be at the airport to meet you when you land. They’ll take you straight to the Work the World house and provide a comprehensive welcome briefing. Next up are the local orientation and the hospital introduction trips. Each of our spacious houses are private and secure. Living alongside students and professionals from a range of specialisms gives the houses a great social atmosphere. You’ll love the amazing weekend travel opportunities with all the new friends you make. Again, our in-country management teams are always on hand and provide 24/7 support. Making up the rest of the team are the in-house chef, housekeeper and local language teacher who hosts twice-weekly language lessons.


A member of the team will show you how to get to the hospital and introduce you to your supervisors the day before you start your placement.

We’ve developed close relationships with our partner hospitals who will put you in front of advanced and often unusual cases, and diverse cultural attitudes towards care.

To make sure your placement is everything you imagined, our management teams regularly monitor your hospital experience in real-time.

Occupational Therapy electives run from Monday to Friday, which means you can explore the destination you’ve chosen in the evenings and at weekends.

OT elective


Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura
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On an occupational therapy placement in Anuradhapura, you’ll could help rehabilitate patients using equipment improvised from everyday items. Resources are scarce here, so you won’t see the modern equipment you’re used to practising with. Typical cases include burns patients, ICU patients, cases of PTSD, and orthopaedic cases. You’ll find speech pathologists and physiotherapists working closely with local OT staff. And there’s a specialist paediatric psychiatry clinic you can attend if that’s something that interests you. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Anuradhapura, click here.


Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
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If you display a proactive attitude when you’re on placement, you’ll get much better experience with patients. You can help to treat cases of arthritis, contractures, neuropathies and children with delayed milestones. The occupational therapy team here in Dar are also stationed in the ICU, and conduct home visits. This gives you an idea of the bigger picture of how OT is delivered in the developing world. Read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to.


"I helped form treatment plans, made splints, and carried out assessments within my professional limitations."

Gemma Fryer, Coventry University 2018

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"If you’re thinking of heading to Nepal for your placement, get ready to have the experience of a lifetime."

Laura Langdon, La Trobe University 2018

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"Work the World made planning and preparing my placement totally achievable."

Jane Cooper, Trinity College Dublin 2016

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