Work the World's in-country support

Our in-country operation is what makes our service unparalleled. It is at the centre of everything we do. We’ve been operating for over 15 years and putting it quite simply, we know what works and we know what doesn't.

A huge part of the service we offer is the on-the-ground support our in-country teams provide. We operate in countries very different to what you’re used to at home and our locally employed in-country teams are there to provide as little or as much support as you require. 

In every programme we have the same team structure including management, catering, cleaning, gardening and security teams. Our management team always live very close to our Work the World houses and we will also provide you with a 24/7 out of hours phone number, should you ever need to speak with them. 

From airport pick-ups, through to local city orientations our highly experienced English speaking teams work closely with the UK office and take care of everything from the moment you land to the moment you leave. 

So, what can you expect? 

Airport pick-ups ORIENTATION

We’ll meet you at the airport, no matter what time of the day you land (we always know your flight details in advance of you arriving so if you’re delayed, we’ll wait for you).


We will then escort you to our Work the World house to meet your new housemates and the rest of the Work the World team. 

Get to know the city you’ll be living inCity orientation in Iloilo

You’re in a brand-new city, so where are the best bars, shops, beaches, currency exchange outlets, the best markets to get bargains, what is the best form of transport to use to get to placement?

Before you start placement we’ll take you on a full city tour showing you all the highlights. By the end of this orientation you’ll know how to navigate the city as well as a local. 

Hospital introductionsWork the World

Before you start your placement our management team will take you to your placement hospital for a full orientation. They’ll give you a tour of the hospital and grounds, introduce you to your supervisors and key department staff.

By the end of this tour you’ll be well and truly ready for your first day. 

Supervision at our partner hospitalsLotte Eyckmans (EYCKMANS17685)

Unlike other elective providers you won’t just be placed in a hospital and our job is done. We're partnered with government, private, teaching and specialist hospitals, we have mutually beneficial relationships with all. Everyone from individual department staff to hospital directors help these partnerships take shape - getting lots of perspectives means we can create relationships that result in positive outcomes for everyone involved. We have an Elective Coordinator at each hospital, who is our main point of contact.

Department or hospital rotations

If you’ve decided to rotate through a variety of departments on your placement, or maybe even go to a different hospital part-way through, our team will accompany you to make all the relevant introductions. They have fantastic relationships with our hospital partners, so if you decide you want to do extra hours or some night shifts - they can arrange all of this for you while you’re in-country.


Is paramount. We want you to relax and enjoy the experience in the knowledge that we’ve covered all the bases. Our teams, both in the country you’re on placement in and within the UK are trained to handle emergency situations, in the extremely unlikely event that one should arise. We have security teams that work around the clock at each one of our private houses, not because we need them, but because it adds one additional layer of security for you. 


Throughout your placement the management team will help to ensure you're achieving all objectives, whether that be university objectives such as completing ‘so many hours’, through to your own personal objectives. If there are any changes required to make your placement the very best it can be, they are there to ensure this happens, and quickly. They’re essentially at your disposal to support you and your hospital placement and can make any necessary changes if required.

PLACEMENTCultural understanding

On placement and even just living in this new country, you may see and experience things that are very different to what you’ll be used to back home.  Whether it be clinical procedures or patient care or unfamiliar cases. We often find our students have many questions that they may forget to ask their supervisors whilst on placement.

Our management team at the house are always on-hand, and who knows their culture better than them?

Work the World housesSocial Media - Saskia Veldkamp

Unlike other providers you will not stay in a homestay. You’ll stay in our private Work the World houses. All offer the comforts of what you’ll be used to at home. Beautiful gardens (some with swimming pools), Western style toilets, single-sex rooms, quiet areas to read or study, and an abundance of breakout areas to socialise with your new housemates. All are fully catered, cooking everything from local to Western dishes and catering to all dietary requirements.

Our house will become your home, and will become a massive part of your experience. Our staff team will feel like extended family members and your housemates, whether you know some of them in advance or not, will become lifelong friends. 

“The Work the World house in Hue was a beautiful cottage situated away from the busy city, by the Perfume River which made for a scenic walk home at the end of the day. The house team were all so kind and personable, they were genuinely interested in your day and always went the extra mile to make your stay more comfortable. I felt clean, safe and well fed. You also have a family of companions living with you in the Work the World house to eat dinner with or watch a movie”. Ben Ward, Medical Student from Dundee University 

Housemates Geena Tebbutt (TEBBUTT24073)

Another massive benefit of not staying in a homestay is you’ll be living with healthcare students and newly qualified professionals from all over the world, including medics, nurses, midwives, physios - to name a few. You’ll travel to placement together, you’ll share stories and experiences over a beer, post placement. These old, and more often than not new friends will become a support network in themselves. You will all be experiencing this once in a lifetime opportunity together and one added extra benefit is you’ll certainly be expanding your healthcare network on a global level. 

“On the weekends I went out on trips with new friends from the house (who were doing a variety of courses - midwifery, physiotherapy, nursing and dentistry, as well as medicine - and were from all over the world). My elective was such a good experience; I made some great friends who I’m still in touch with, I saw interesting and different medicine to what I’d see at home and I got to experience and enjoy a new country and culture”. Alice Hanton, Nursing Student from University of Leeds 

Weekly BBQ's HOUSE

We host a weekly BBQ in each one of our houses. They are more often than not held on a Thursday, meaning it is a great way to start winding down with the weekend nearing.

It is a chance for everyone to get together with our team to eat, drink and enjoy local entertainment such as local African drummers, Mexican Mariachi bands through to Filipino Karaoke nights.

Language lessonsLanguage lesson in the Work the World house in Iloilo

Communication is a fundamental skill in healthcare. So it's natural that you'd have concerns about travelling to a country whose language you don't speak. While you're living in the Work the World house, you’ll get language lessons twice each week.

An experienced and friendly language teacher will visit you in the comfort of the house. They will help strengthen what you learned from the language guides, and teach you new phrases and vocabulary to use while you're on placement. They'll teach you about local customs and culture too, because understanding these will help you communicate.

Travel opportunities Naomi Mendoza (MENDOZA23319)

As our teams are all locally hired, they know the city and the country you’re based in incredibly well! Any advice or tips on what to do/where to go, both after placement and for weekend travel?  They’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Each house also has a Work the World ‘top tips book’, which is constantly updated by previous travellers, and we also have a travel notice board which contains all the information you could possibly look for!

Head Office SupportPaulien Goossen (GOOSSEN25711)

Throughout your placement our UK Head Office team will remain in close contact with our in-country teams to ensure your placement is running smoothly. In addition to the 24/7 in-country team support you'll receive, you'll also be provided with a 24/7 emergency line should you need to get back in contact with the Head Office team. 

We are confident our award-winning service cannot be matched. To read independent stories on what past travellers think, you can read more here.