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You’re a committed student and you care about doing well. So, the main reason you want to go on a trip like this is for the eye-opening experience you get on placement.

But that’s not the only reason. You want to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences while making unforgettable travel memories with new (soon to be lifelong) friends too.

And why wouldn’t you? After all, you’re travelling to an exotic destination halfway around the world. Who knows when you’ll next have the chance?

In this post:

You’re going to find out about our destinations’ most exciting travel and tourism opportunities — soak up the sun on Zanzibar’s pristine white-sand beaches, catch rare glimpses of endangered animals on Safari in Tanzania, and everything in between.

On the other hand, if adrenaline is what drives you, check out this article to see what it’s like to trek to Everest base camp and rafting down the Zambezi river’s whitewater rapids.

Get up close to wild animals on safari

Rebekah Morris (MORRIS22977)

If you’re looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, a safari is as good as it gets. In Tanzania, you can use one of your weekends to jump in a 4x4 and head out into the vast African plains.

Your 4x4 safari vehicle will pick you up from your accommodation early in the morning, and take you directly to Mikumi National Park through the majestic Udzungwa Mountains. Mikumi is referred to as the hidden gem of Tanzania by those in the know, as it's abundant with wildlife, yet tucked away from the tourist trail.

First on the agenda is an afternoon game drive. Depending on the day, you'll see lions, leopards, giraffes, elephants, hippo, zebras, buffalo, impala… The list goes on.

SAFARI Antelope - Leopard

In the evening you’ll head to your first camp to enjoy a chilled out evening.  On that point, you'll stay in bush camps in either tents or huts and socialise at camp in the evenings with other travellers. Often around a campfire with a beer or two. You even get a personal chef to prepare fresh breakfast and dinner each day.

Over the next two days, your local guide will take you to see the best landscapes and a diversity of wildlife throughout the area.

“It was an unforgettable experience and I would encourage anyone travelling to Tanzania to seriously consider adding a safari to their trip.” – Sarah, nursing placement in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Contemplate life at an ancient Hindu temple


Pashupatinath temple is a huge structure that looms over the banks of the Bagmati river in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Hindu cremation ceremonies take place here on an industrial scale. Visitors are invited to observe the rituals which might seem a little strange, but to Hindus death is an important part of the journey of life.


Pashupatinath temple honours the Hindu Lord, Shiva. Shiva is the god of transformation or destruction (which is appropriate considering the temple’s main function), and conforms to the Hindus’ belief in karma and reincarnation.

In the company of resident monkeys you’ll catch the brightly dressed holy men or ‘sadhus’ happily posing for pictures in exchange for a few coins. The sadhus depend on these gifts to survive, and they are incredibly photogenic, so take some snaps if you can.

Live the good life on Boracay Island’s pristine white-sand beaches

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Imagine a long stretch of white sand stretching on for miles. Turquoise waves gently lap at the shore as the leaves of tall palms rustle overhead in the breeze.

It’s a warm day. You reach for your mojito and take a sip, cool condensation runs down the side of the glass. Life is good.

Spend a weekend on Boracay Island in the Philippines and this could be you.

BPC - Pamela  Dickson

Lounging around after a week on the wards is lovely, but there are other ways to blow off steam on Boracay. The pace picks up when the sun goes down. There’s a big nightlife scene on the island, and locals and travellers alike hit the bars and party into the small hours.

If you’re feeling fresh-headed the next morning, you can fill up on a traditional Filipino breakfast, then jump on a boat and go swimming with turtles.

Get a dose of culture in Mexico’s trendiest city


Merida is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, one of Mexico’s easternmost regions. The area has a strong cultural identity and a fascinating history. You get incredible year-round sunshine, and an unusual mix of both modern and historical Mexican character.

Merida is Mexico’s centre of sophistication. Known as “the White City”, Merida has a friendly and relaxed vibe. You can see French and Spanish colonial architecture all over town, and you can explore museums and art galleries if you head to the city’s historical district.

But there’s much more to do than just sightseeing. You can get involved in big vibrant cultural festivals (there are more than 60 festivals every year so chances are you’ll see one), browse one of the many street fairs and markets, or eat out at one of the hundreds of amazing (and reasonably priced) eateries found around every corner.


In the evenings you can stroll to one of the big pedestrianised town squares. You can live like a local and get involved in nightly events, like Sunday Salsa night or live music.

The city has a great nightlife too. There are more bars and restaurants than you’ll have time to visit.

Want your own once-in-a-lifetime travel experience?

The experiences above are a tiny fraction of what you can do in our destinations. You should check out our destinations to find out what other travel opportunities are available to you.

It’s worth noting that these trips aren’t organised by Work the World. But if you rally a few of your housemates, our locally-hired staff in the house will give you expert guidance around booking the trip and how to get where you need to go.

Tourism not your thing? Check out this article to see what it’s like to trek to Everest base camp and raft down the Zambezi River’s whitewater rapids.

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