What's included?


  • Private, catered accommodation at the Work the World house
  • 30 hours of Spanish Language Tuition

Intensive Spanish Course - £500

Thinking about travelling with us to Mexico? Consider our Intensive Spanish Course.

The 30-hour course gives you everything you need to start using conversational Spanish. You start with the basics, and move to clinical terminology and phrases that will give you confidence in the hospital.

Your lessons take place Monday to Friday in a Spanish language school in the city your placement is in.

You live in the Work the World house throughout that week, so you can still settle in and socialise with your new housemates. Breakfast and dinner are included, too. You can read more about life in our houses here.

The course isn’t compulsory. But, unless you are very confident in your conversational Spanish and have a good understanding of Spanish clinical words and phrases, you should think of the course as essential.

You will have a much more fulfilling trip if you’re able to understand and communicate with local people.

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Enquire now to see how you can add our Intensive Spanish Course to the beginning of your placement.