University of East London 2019

Physiotherapy, Merida Mexico

I had a fantastic time in Merida, Mexico. 

The support I received, from the planning stage through to my arrival in Mexico and throughout my stay, made the experience trouble free. I could approach any team member in the house for advice about local sights, transport and food tips, which eased my mind. 

Townsend, RebeccaThe food in the house was fresh and delicious and it was great to try authentic Mexican food - although other tastes were also catered for. The house was very comfortable and had a pool. The location was great too, with beautiful beaches and archaeological sites to visit at the weekends and in the afternoons after placement. 

Townsend, RebeccaSharing the house with other people also on placement meant there was a supportive environment to share hospital experiences with (as well as transport to and from the hospital), and for excursions and nights out. 

The placement itself was varied, covering inpatients (internal medicine, paediatrics, NICU, trauma) and outpatients (neuro, MSK, paediatrics). 

Hospital resources were far more limited than in the UK which restricted treatment and required hospital staff to be resourceful and creative. The pace of work was different from  the UK, which meant my occasional language difficulties were dealt with patiently and with kindness. 

The longer, and more frequent, treatment sessions were a positive aspect to my placement, allowing more time to develop a rapport with patients and their families.

Townsend, Rebecca

I saw this patient improve and helped to advise him on functional mobility strategies.

Discussing auditory cues for a patient with mid-stage Parkinson’s disease was a highlight. I saw this patient improve and helped to advise him on functional mobility strategies. 

Townsend, RebeccaI was also very lucky to work with a Mexican physiotherapist at the hospital who volunteered at an equine therapy centre at the weekends. She took me along to the equine centre on my last day and I saw the work that is done with children with various medical conditions. 

Overall I enjoyed and feel enriched by my experience in Merida.

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