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Who are we?

Whether you’re collecting funds or approaching your local newspaper, there may be a time where you have to explain who Work the World are, or even what an elective is.

Below, we’ve included some essential information about who we are and what we do. If you need more specific information about us or our service, check out our FAQ page, or get in touch.


Work the World have been providing healthcare students with tailor-made elective placements since 2005. Thousands of students and professionals travel with us every year from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other parts of the globe.

Our head office is based out of Brighton in the UK with offices also in Melbourne, Australia | Boston, USA | Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

A healthcare elective is a period spent away from a place of study (medical school, university etc.) and can be spent abroad or in the student’s home country. It is a mandatory module that needs to be completed as part of all healthcare degrees.  

At the start of all degrees the student will be informed on when their elective period will be. This will determine the time they need to have secured their elective by and the period of time for travel. This varies greatly depending on what discipline the student is studying and also what uni/med school they are attending. It is predominantly in the student’s final year of study (course length also varies depending on discipline of study).

It is up to the student to organise their placement. Some educational establishments will provide guidance, will have preferred suppliers or do’s and don’ts (such as countries they are allowed or not allowed to travel to, or length of time they can travel). The average time a student travels for is 4 weeks.


Quotes from us

Using solid quotes is a great way to add a new angle to your story – especially if they’re from well-reputed organisations such ourselves. Here are some from our staff which you’re more than welcome to use:

‘A placement in a developing country can contribute enormously to both a student's degree and their chosen career. It offers the opportunity to experience how healthcare is delivered in an under-resourced environment. Students will gain a deeper understanding of things like rare communicable diseases and gain new skills treating advanced pathologies’ - Alasdair Thompson, Senior Elective Consultant at Work the World

‘As the UK's leading provider of elective placements, we provide safe, structured programmes that ensure maximum reward for overseas communities as well as students. We tailor each student's elective to their skills and abilities, give them somewhere safe and secure to stay, provide 24/7 support and contribute toward the training of local staff and other sustainable projects’ - Faye Clonan, Director of Work the World

If you’d like a quote from us regarding something specific, such as how we support our partners, or any of our programmes, please feel free to get in touch with our press office.

Funding and finance

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Publicising your story

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