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Doing your healthcare elective abroad gives you the unique opportunity to get eye-opening clinical experience and make a lifetime’s worth of travel memories.

But organising an overseas clinical elective can involve a lot of laborious paperwork before you even set foot on a plane — unless you travel with Work the World.


— You can forget about laborious admin if you choose us —

Breeze through our pre-departure process

During the run-up to your trip, you'll go through our tried-and-tested pre-departure process, designed to remove the stress of organising an overseas placement.

You can count on our team’s experience and guidance throughout. You will get our full support with everything, from placement confirmation letters to university paperwork.

Simon Van Bavel (VANBAVEL19947)

— You'll feel totally prepared before you head off for the experience of a lifetime —

Avoid visa application pitfalls with our expert guidance

You need to apply for an entry visa before you travel to many of the destinations we operate in — a complicated process if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Rules and requirements change constantly, and they differ depending on which country you’re travelling to.

But once you’ve secured your space on one of our programmes, you can tap into our team’s expertise on the complexities of destination-specific paperwork.

You will find out:

  • Which visa to apply for
  • How and when to apply
  • What to include on the forms
  • Visa costs and how to pay
  • How long it takes to process

Students receiving a traditional welcome in Nepal

— You'll get a warm welcome from our team once you're through immigration —

You'll also get access to MyTrip — your online placement planning dashboard.

Your MyTrip dashboard contains everything from an interactive placement timeline to comprehensive Info Packs that help you prepare for your trip.

MyTrip also contains detailed destination-specific visa application guidelines that will lift the weight of research from your shoulders.


— MyTrip gives you access to decades of expertise at your fingertips —

You will also get handy links to the application forms and relevant embassy websites.

Quick-access documents you can share with your uni

Need to meet your university’s requirements before you travel?

If so, they might ask you to confirm your travel dates, risk assessments, placement attendance records, information about your in-country supervisors…  You get the idea.

Lotte Eyckmans (EYCKMANS17685)

— You get multi-layered supervision throughout your placement —

Once you have a confirmed placement with us, you’ll get access to all of the information you need. This is thanks to our experience working closely with universities and overseas hospitals. And we can provide more specific information if needed.

Risk assessments

Your university may ask for a risk assessment specific to the destination you’re travelling to. We conduct detailed risk assessments for each programme, covering what universities typically look for.

It’s worth highlighting that we only open programmes in destinations we have thoroughly vetted and deemed suitable.

Discover how our in-country teams help keep you safe overseas.

— You'll have total peace of mind while living in our private accommodation —

Hospital allocation letter

If you need to provide your university with official documentation, you can go ahead and download your Hospital Allocation Letter.

This document initially contains provisional information about your placement. Following your Clinical Consultation, it automatically updates to display all of your department choices and your main supervisor/point of contact in the hospital.

Having this information officially documented in a way that makes it easy to present to your university will simplify your life.

— You will get a placement carefully crafted to suit your unique skills and interests —

Downloadable documents to help with funding applications

Are you thinking about applying for a grant or bursary to fund your placement? Official documentation is going to be of particular importance to you.

Many funding bodies will ask you for official proof of your placement details. And like universities, funding bodies typically have unique requirements.

This won’t be a problem if you undertake your placement with Work the World. Once you’ve secured your space on one of our programmes, you can access all the information you need to satisfy each funding body’s requirements.

Clark, Lisa

— Explore our funding hub for creative ideas on how to raise money for your trip —

Placement completion confirmation

Once you’re back from your trip, you can download a document showing that you have completed your placement.

Your placement completion confirmation letter shows the destination you travelled to, your placement dates, and details of the hospital where you undertook your placement.

It also includes information confirming that you gained experience with unfamiliar cases, inventive practices and techniques, and unique cultural attitudes towards care.

Inger van Duuren (VANDUURE17295)

— You'll get official proof of the unique clinical experience you had —

Demonstrate your competitive edge to employers

Your placement completion confirmation letter is also a great way to strengthen your academic and professional portfolio.

University faculties and employers — both NHS and private — highly value out-of-the-ordinary clinical experiences like this.

An overseas elective with us can have a profoundly positive impact on your career prospects.

Hansen Brevetti John

— John says his Work the World placement transformed his career — 

“A placement abroad stands out on your CV as a badge of durability, resourcefulness, and cross-cultural aptitude.

It says you’ve seen and experienced things unknowable in places like the UK. It says you’ve solved problems and debated ethics that are taken for granted at home.

It says that you've earned something few others have. Work the World prepares you in innumerable ways to be a better clinician and a better citizen of our planet - employers know this." - John Hansen Brevetti

Secure your space today and get total peace of mind

Travel with us, and you’ll get support with more than just paperwork — you can rely on our expertise from the moment you get in touch to the end of your trip.

So. Get your travel dates locked in, and you can start dreaming about those paradise beaches.

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