by Joe Jamieson

Our Service

In keeping with the flexibility we’re known for, if you travel with us, you won’t feel restricted by having to choose from specific departure windows.

Our programmes are open 365 days a year, and arrivals are every Sunday, so you can travel whenever suits you.

This means you can undertake a placement at any stage of your degree or training. Most people travel during their university’s elective period. But you can also choose to do your placement outside of term time — this might be between terms at university, over the summer, or even after you’re qualified.

Do you have specific elective dates?

If you’re travelling as part of your degree, you may need to travel on specific dates. You might find this to be a problem with other providers who could bind you to a particular window. With us, it’s a matter of checking availability in your destination of choice and securing your place.


It’s worth getting in as early as possible as our destinations have limited spaces. We restrict spaces to preserve the quality of the experience for you and the other students joining you in your overseas placement hospital.

Travel outside of term time


Thanks to the pandemic, you may have missed the opportunity to travel as part of your degree. Or maybe your course doesn’t allow you to undertake an overseas elective.

Whatever the reason, if you cannot travel as part of your degree course, there’s no reason you should miss out on getting the eye-opening clinical and travel experiences that others are enjoying.

Even if you’re already a working professional, you’ll still see all the things you usually would on an overseas placement:

  • Different cultural attitudes towards care
  • Religious beliefs affecting practice
  • Patients who can’t afford even the most basic treatment
  • Extremely late presentations and advanced conditions

Need a last-minute placement? no problem

Lotte Eyckmans (EYCKMANS17685)

If you need a placement put together quickly, contact us as soon as possible because we can help.

Overseas placements are difficult to organise if you’ve never done it before. We often build placements for students whose elective plans have fallen through, sometimes mere days before they were due to travel.

With scenarios like this in mind, we developed a fast-track placement tailoring system with our partner hospitals. This allows us to tailor a placement. 

If this has happened to you, or you’ve just left things until the last minute, we can still build you an exceptional placement tailored to your goals and interests.

Travel whenever you want


As we talked about above, you must be in your chosen destination on the Sunday before your placement starts. This, however, does not mean you have to fly in on that day.

Some people arrive early so they can travel before their Work the World placement officially starts. Others add time to the end.

The point is that you get extraordinary flexibility when you travel with us. And that doesn’t just apply to your arrival dates — you can rely on our expertise to tailor your placement in detail, giving you the best possible experience.

Get in as early as you can

Maudy van der Heiden (VANDERHE23774)

Our houses have a limited number of spaces, which is especially important if you’re travelling as a group. The more of you there are (and the later you leave it), the less chance of getting your first choice destination.

There are also a limited number of available spaces in each hospital department. Some niche areas can only take two students at a time, so once the places are gone, they're gone.

Your Next Steps

Start mapping out what your placement might look like by exploring our beautiful destinations that span Africa and Asia.

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