by Joe Jamieson

Why Go Overseas?

Now is your window of opportunity to take yourself on that ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ midwifery placement overseas. You get to travel to a beautiful, exciting destination and brighten your prospects as a future midwife on an overseas midwifery placement with Work the World.

Is an overseas midwifery placement for you?

The short answer is yes — if you’re on or have completed a midwifery degree, you’re eligible.

You should seriously consider an overseas midwifery placement if:

  • Your midwifery degree has a mandatory ‘elective’ module
  • Your midwifery degree has an optional ‘elective’ or ‘overseas’ module
  • Your university states that your placement has to be observation-only
  • Your midwifery degree does not offer an overseas placement option
  • You want to undertake a midwifery placement in your own time

If you think the above points cover every scenario, you’re right. And that’s the point — whatever your reasons for travelling, you will get a tailored overseas placement based on your goals and interests.

Remember: Your English-speaking placement supervisors will sign off your hours if you're undertaking a placement for course credit. You will also get an official, signed completion letter from us when your placement is done.


Have your own transformational overseas experience

Undertake an overseas placement with us and become a stronger, more capable midwife. Your experience with us will give you incredible confidence going into the rest of your studies and into your midwifery career — you’ll be able to handle anything the job can throw at you.

Perspective-shifting practices you might see on your overseas placement include:

  • Episiotomies being performed for every birth
  • Lack of privacy for women on the wards
  • Different cultural attitudes towards childbirth
  • No pain relief available to labouring women

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Grow together on once-in-a-lifetime weekend trips

On a Work the World placement, you will live in a private house with other healthcare students from around the world. But it’s on your weekend trips when friends truly become family.

Here are a handful of experiences you can enjoy together:

  • Relaxing on palm-lined, white-sand beaches
  • Getting close to elephants, lions and giraffes on safari
  • Swimming with curious sea turtles on warm tropical reefs
  • Hiking (or paragliding!) through the Himalayas
  • Spending a weekend hopping between paradise islands

You’ll form strong bonds and by the end of the trip, you’ll have some of the best friends you’ll make in your life.

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Let’s make your dream trip a reality

In life, we regret the chances we don’t take more than the ones we do. So act now and secure your space on the trip of a lifetime. Enquire below to talk to one of our experts who will help bring your overseas placement to life.

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