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At first I found that working in a different environment, under different protocols, and with different radiography facilities and conditions, seemed like an impossible task. However, after just a few weeks I was fully immersed in this new culture. This alone gave me a different perspective on the constant challenges healthcare systems face in developing countries.

Olga Palmer       Olga Palmer

I feel this opportunity has also changed the way I work and how I will interact with my future patients. It was an eye-opening experience like no other and helped me to improve my confidence in dealing with a range of difficult situations, encouraging me to think ‘outside the box’.

Looking back, it was the best experience I’ve had whilst abroad. The positive attitude and commitment of the staff is something I hugely respect them for, and will definitely include this passion in my future practice! Watching international students and healthcare professionals work gave me lots of insight into the different ways of practicing, and again, is something I’ve learnt from and will take home to further my education.

Olga Palmer       Olga Palmer

I am very grateful to all the WtW staff in the UK and The Philippines, who were all amazing. The support in both the lead-up to my placement and upon my arrival to the house was excellent. The Programme Manager was always there to ensure everything ran smoothly, as well as all the rest of the staff, who gave great travel, food, and sight-seeing recommendations.

That’s all from me! The work experience I had exceeded my expectations by far! On reflection, my elective experience has had an incredibly positive impact on me and improved my skills as a health professional.


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