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During your elective placement in Ghana, you'll have the chance to experience a variety of hospital settings and learning opportunities and have plenty of free time to immerse yourself in local culture and explore this truly unique destination.

Researching the best things to see and do in a place you’ve yet to visit can leave you with information overload. And sometimes it’s hard to tell the genuine reviews apart from those slightly more embellished ones. 

So, if you’re thinking of travelling to Ghana for your overseas healthcare placement, check out our travel tips and recommendations below – tried and tested by your fellow students and peers.

Ghana’s highlights:

Kakum National Park


Kakum National Park is one of the most famous national parks in Ghana and a must-visit for any nature lover.

The miles and miles of protected rainforest are home to an assortment of Ghanaian wildlife and offer a perfect break from Takoradi’s hustle and bustle.

If you’re feeling adventurous and keen to spot as much wildlife as possible, many of our students recommend spending the night camping out in one of the treehouses within the park.

We stood at the top of the trees and watched the African sunrise into place. It was peaceful, beautiful, and made the whole night worthwhile.” – Kathryn, nursing elective

TRAVELAnd you won’t want to miss the canopy walk either. A series of viewing platforms elevated 40 metres off of the forest floor and linked via suspension bridges offer the most spectacular views of the park. 

We had a tour guide who showed us around and explained the history of the park, which was very informative… it was a scary but fun experience that I would definitely do again! The view from the top was beautiful.” – Yewande, dentistry elective

Top tip: Experienced and trained guides are on hand throughout the park and offer great tours of the canopy walk. They’ll be able to explain the cultural, economic and medicinal values of the plants.

Cape Coast Castle

TRAVELGhana is not short of culture and history. And Cape Coast Castle is one of Africa’s most culturally significant spots. 

Crumbling colonial buildings line the golden coastal cliffs, many of which tell the dark but fascinating history of the transatlantic slave trade. 

Take a guided tour through the whitewashed Cape Coast Castle, a former slave fort, and learn how the castle played a key role in the city’s story. 


We had a guided tour of the castle grounds and stories of the living conditions that slaves endured whilst they were being held captive. It was an emotion-evoking tour, and I have to admit I did shed a tear.” – Kathryn, nursing placement, 2020

I would especially recommend the castle at Cape Coast, as it had incredible historical significance, and the tour of it was fantastic.” – Steph, nursing placement

Top tip: Many students stop off in Cape Coast on their way to Kakum National Park. Now a lively fishing port with an easygoing vibe, it’s a great place to watch the world go by and pick up some handcrafted souvenirs.

Mole National Park

TRAVELLocated in Ghana’s northern region, Mole National Park is the country’s largest park and provides some of the best wildlife experiences to be had. 

I had never seen an elephant in real life before, let alone tracking one in its natural habitat… and on my 25th birthday  – a birthday I will never forget.” – Emilia, nursing placement

Rosie Naylor (NAYLOR21707)Although it’s a little further afield, past travellers haven’t let this deter them, as it’s one of the only places in Ghana to spot elephants in the wild (as well as lions and baboons). 

At Mole National Park, you’ll have the chance to jump on a driving safari, or you can opt for a walking safari instead. An experience we’re sure you won’t forget!

Fulfilling my lifelong dream of going on safari is something I can’t put into words. Seeing elephants in the wild and having good friends around me during it all made the experience that much more special.” – Thomas, physiotherapy placement

During the trip, we spent a night at a hotel in the middle of the safari park - it was incredible!” – Kayleigh, medical elective

Margaret Roth (ROTH25606)Top tip: Mole National Park is a great way to spend a whole weekend. Many students choose to spend time at the hotel located in the middle of the park – this includes an infinity pool overlooking the elephant’s watering hole. Something not to be missed! 

Axim Beach

Axim Beach Resort

What better to relax after a week on placement than relaxing on some of Ghana’s best beaches? 

Picture sun-soaked sandy shores at Axim Beach — a firm favourite with our students. You’ll find rustic beach huts and plenty of space on the beautiful stretch of sand to chill out.

I had a lot of fun on these trips, and it was one of my favourite parts about the placement as I was able to enjoy time at the beach as well as see some incredible scenery and wildlife.” – Jake, physiotherapy placement

Top tip: Axim is only located 70km west of Takoradi, and you’ll find plenty of local transport options to get you there. If you’re after a more comfy and faster option, opt to take a private taxi – share it with your housemates, and it will be cheaper too!

Some more of our travellers’ favourite places to visit in Ghana:

  • The Volta Region – because of the lush and fertile farmland, the Volta Region is a prime trekking destination. You can easily explore the area’s hidden gems on foot, swim in clear waterfalls and bathe in the calm lagoons. 
  • Nzulezu Stilt Village – if you’re visiting some of the beaches of the western side of Ghana, this unique village is a popular day trip. Built on stilts above a lagoon, you can take a canoe ride to meet the locals and observe village life.

Case StudiesOn the weekend, I travelled to Nzulezu, which is a village built on water. It also has a fascinating history.” – Ugonna, medical elective

  • Lake Bosomtwe – this fascinating lake is situated within an ancient impact crater formed by a huge meteorite. Surrounded by lush green hills, you’ll have the chance to enjoy hiking, cycling and horse riding excursions.

We went horse riding around Lake Bosomtwe and bathed in Kintampo Waterfalls!” – Florence, nursing placement

I also recommend making the most of every weekend you have. We were only in Ghana for 4 weeks but managed to visit so many places! We went to Busua Beach, Mole National Park, Kakum National Park, the village on stilts, Kintampo Waterfall, Lake Bosomtwe and Cape Coast.” – Helena, nursing placement

TRAVELWe really weren’t kidding when we said Ghana has a lot to offer. Luckily for you, not only will our experienced and locally hired teams be on hand to offer you the best travel advice and tips for the local area, but they’re also experts on activities further afield. 

And don’t forget to check out the travel guides located in your Work the World house – it’s packed full of top tips and travel recommendations from all our past travellers.

If you want to find out more about elective placements in Ghana, get in touch with our expert team via our short enquiry form.

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