by Work the World

Celebrating Christmas away from home is always a bit strange, but Work the World Arusha staff made sure it was one to remember for our students, pulling out all the stops to ensure Christmas day had all the trimmings.

Katherine said Christmas was a bit different "on Christmas Eve we had a BBQ with all staff and Father Christmas turned up which was really good fun! Matthew agreed that the Christmas eve bbq was the best bit " Thank you all the effort everybody put in. Freddy was hilarious in his Santa out fit!"

On the actual day the students "did Kris kringle in the morning and then we went out to Kibo Palace for a buffet lunch".

The "secret santa" present swapping was a highlight for Hanis, "I’ve never celebrated Christmas back at home (I’m Muslim) so I thought this was a great introduction to Christmas . Naturally I loved every bit about it since it’s my first time, and I got a presents too so I was very pleased!"

Although it was Hanis' first Christmas, the others all missed their usual celebrations a bit. Matthew said "it was very different. I always have a big family celebration but here it was a small Christmas with friends. We had a lovely time together. It was much quieter than Christmas at home in Australia." At least Matthew got to have a barbecue for Christmas - home from home for an Aussie!

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