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This weeks big question for the different Work the World houses was a fun one - what one travel item in your bag is the one you cannot live without? As usual the response was varied - some fun, some really serious.

Joe reported from Ghana to say that this question had sparked a lively debate. Evelynn was the first to express her thoughts - "mosquito repellent spray.... and lots of it!". Flora thought that for her it was sun cream. "Nowhere we have come across sells sun cream - it's much better to bring it from home". This was widely supported by the whole of the house until Sarah and Frances decided that " it's got to be Malaria tablets. Living in an enviroment where mosquitoes are everywhere, means protection against malaria is key. Without protection, your life could be over". The mood was quite sombre so Isabel threw in her travel essential.... "food is the answer to the question. May be McDonalds?"!

Up North in Arusha, Rachel said "mosquito spray - I think without it I should look like I have chicken pox" . Grace echoed this and said "Deet, Shampoo and Sun cream". As in Zanzibar though, a few people decided to think more lightheartedly "I am most glad to have my ipod and general supply of books - little pieces of home that I couldn’t / wouldn’t want to go without for 8 weeks. Especially without TV and internet - I at least need Harry Potter on audio book!".

Sunil always makes us laugh with his reports from the Nepal house. He only has a couple of students there at the moment so asked Rosie her thoughts "I wouldn't walk out the house without a camera. If I don't want to carry my DSLR I will take my small digital camera to capture everything. It's so frustrating to miss a good shot". Sundeap decided that for her "boots are my travel essential" (which makes sense if you are living at the foot of the Himalayas), but Sunil, ever the joker, figured a few things had been missed off both their lists.  He asked if that was all they wanted to bring before adding his own essentials....."passports, visa, cards, cash... you won't get far without them ha ha"!

Next week we are going to be asking the different houses a question from our Office Manager Nicole, who is keen to find out more about the students free time. Her question is  "what kind of things do you do at weekends?". Watch this space to find out the answers......

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