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This weekend was a busy one in Arusha, with everyone fitting something exciting into their time off.

Four of the girls went on a safari and managed to spot the big 5 (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino). This is always the big target for people doing the tour in the national parks, but sometimes one or two cannot be seen anywhere. The girls were really excited when they came back to the Work the World house with a list of all 5!

We also had 3 students finish their Kilimanjaro climb last weekend. The climb was to take 7days, which is really tough, so it's great that all of them made it to the top. It was even more special for one of them, Pippa Stancombe, who finished it a day early - just in time to get the Tusker beers in for the others!

There was also a group of seven students who went on the village healthcare experience to the Maasai Village for 3 days, living with the local Maasai community out in Monduli Juu. It was a great experience for them, especially when they got the chance to watch a goat sacrifice. This may not sound fun to watch, but it is part of the Maasai way of life and visiting during the ceremony meant the students could visit the traditional healers and also watch different Maasai dances.

Two of our students wanted to spend their weekend relaxing, so took a flight to Zanzibar for some relaxation on the beautiful northern beaches instead. They were very chilled out when they returned!

The only few students who decided to remain in Arusha took a day trip to Snake park. You may not like looking at snakes, but the truth is this place has several activities going on and apart from watching different snakes you can also visit the Maasai museum and ride camels. Lots of fun!

And now that the weekend is over, everyone is back in the Work the World house with lots of stories to tell before placements start again on Monday!

Check out our Arusha page to find out more about the placements on offer. You can also look at our Facebook page where lots of the students post entries or swap stories.

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