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Has it been a year already?!

BIG PIC 2016

As tradition dictates, with the dawning of a new year, Work the World's Big Picture Competition is back with prizes that'll blow your mind.


This year we're giving away not one, not two, not three, but four GoPro Hero action cameras, all equipped with waterproof housing, a 16GB memory card, and an official GoPro floating grip.

To enter the competition all you have to do is send us your pictures that relate to one of the following four categories:


Category 1: TRAVEL


For this category we want you to send us photos of all the beautiful places you visited and amazing things you saw while away on your Work the World trip. We're talking mountaintop panoramas, yawning lions, Maasai villages, and paradise beaches. PROTIP: The most common type of pictures sent in are sunsets, so try and deviate from the norm for extra kudos.

Category 2: community

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

This category is all about local people and the communities in which they live. The daily lives of people in the towns, cities, and villages in which we're based can be just as captivating as the magnificent landscapes we're looking for in the above category. Think town squares, street food vendors, buzzing markets, tuk-tuks and jeepneys, festivals, and beyond.

Category 3: elective


Clinical experience is one of, if not the main reason for your trip. Here we want to gain insight into your placement in hospital departments, clinics, and health outposts. We're looking for candid shots of your experience including interaction with patients and staff, and anything else that sticks out as unique within the clinical context of an overseas elective.

Bonus Category: Work the world HQ

Work the World staff and students in traditional Sri Lanka clothing

The bonus category is about you and your experiences at the Work the World house in the country you visited. If you think you've got photos that capture new friendships, karaoke parties, weekly barbecues, poolside antics, and general house banter, this is the category for you. 

How to enter

You can enter in any of the following ways:


Email (this is the best as we can see images at full resolution!):

Facebook: Like our page and post your pics with the corresponding '#category' hashtags (found below).

Twitter: Follow us and post your pics with the corresponding '#category' hashtags (found below).

Instagram: Follow us, post your pics, tag us in each one, and include the corresponding '#category' hashtags (found below). Note that if you're entering via instagram, please be prepared for us to contact you for the original, full-size photo.

REMEMBER: There's no limit to how many photos you send, so feel free to enter as many times as you like in each category.

Category hashtags: 





The closing date for entries is 31st JAN 2016. We'll post up our in-house selected shortlist for the public to vote on on 5th FEB 2016. And finally, we'll be announcing the winners on 29th FEB 2016.


Now that the details are sharply in focus, get uploading!


If you want to take on the challenge of taking your elective overseas, check out our electives and destinations using the menu at the top of the page.

Click here to see the competition's Terms and Conditions

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