by Work the World

Work the world house is not only a home away from home but is also a socialising hub! There have been students who have come alone and left becoming good friends and some who have found friends in Nepal and can't wait to come back. Others have learnt something in Nepal that they have taken back home...

We had a funny case recently when two students were discussing home over dinner, only to realise that they lived just 10 minutes away from each other - 2 songs on an ipod! They had never seen each other at home, but 1000 miles away and they were chatting like old friends!I am sure they will see each other a lot when they get back home.

Matt, our first medical student plans to come back again and has sponsored a child at an Orphanage that he visited - he wants to make sure he visits him in the future. Sundeap, another medic, tells me she just can't forget Pokhara and is sure to come back again too. She did have a few bad lucks while here, but the better things cover those in a heap!

Many students take something back with them from Nepal. Maja rode a moped for the first time here in Pokhara. She hired and learnt how to ride it and enjoyed riding around the streets of Pokhara so much she went back to UK and bought one!

Good friends, good times and good old memories in the making. There's so much to do and see in Pokhara... both in terms if placement and the place. The pictures, the videos are just teasers - they aren't real unless you see it yourself!

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