by Joe Jamieson

Clinical Experience

Getting clinical experience in a low-resource hospital overseas is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. So it would be best to aim to earn as much as possible from the experience while you're there.

High-quality in-hospital supervision is essential if you want to get real value from your experience.

To help you understand why good supervisors are so important, let's first look at some ways low-quality supervision can negatively impact your placement experience.

How could low-quality supervision impact your experience?

Lotte Eyckmans (EYCKMANS17685)

- You'll get so much more from your placement when your supervisors understand what you need -

What happens if your provider doesn't establish clear expectations and boundaries with your overseas hospital supervisors before you travel? You’ll spend your placement feeling alienated and frustrated and eyeing early flights home.

A bad relationship with your supervisors locks the door to your clinical experience. Getting off on the right foot would be best, or the door to new experiences will stay firmly shut.

Don't forget — the idea of an elective placement isn't universally understood. And if your supervisors don't understand your intentions, aims and skill level, you won't get much from the experience.

Travel with us, and this is no longer a problem. But more on that later.

You have to make an ethical choice

Inger van Duuren (VANDUURE17295)

- You'll get more involved if your supervision is properly structured -

What if there is no structure behind your supervision? You might unintentionally distract your supervisors from their day-to-day duties, potentially impacting their patients.

You’re travelling to a low-resource hospital to understand how local staff overcome their unique problems. The very last thing you want to do is contribute to them.

And what if your supervisors haven’t been briefed on your skill level? They might assume you're ready to take on procedures outside your scope of practice. And that’s a difficult conversation to have in front of patients and staff.

If you travel with us all of these problems go away. Let's explore what supervision looks like on a Work the World placement —

Get life-changing placement experience with well-organised supervision

Tessa Paulis (PAULIS24061)

- You get highly qualified senior supervisors when you travel with Work the World -

You get huge benefits from our in-person relationships with our partner hospitals. 

You’ll see we’re connected with everyone when we get to the hospital. We work with ward staff right the way up to the hospital directors.

Your Work the World team in the country will brief your supervisors before you travel. And this is only possible because of our pre-established relationships with our partner hospitals.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your supervisors and their staff will know about you and your aims before you even set foot in the hospital.

Your supervisors will speak English


- You'll be able to have clinical conversations with your English-speaking supervisors -

You'll feel confident knowing you can ask your supervisors complex clinical questions while on placement. Remember — not every provider can promise this.

We guarantee that your supervisors will speak English if you travel with us.

Your supervisors will also be highly qualified, and many have even travelled to study in an English-speaking country.

You’ll get support when you need it and space when you don’t


- You can approach your placement in a way that suits you -

Your relationship with your supervisors will be flexible — you’ll get support and guidance when needed. When you feel more confident, you’ll get the space to explore your independence within your scope of practice.

This goes for your department teams as well. Your supervisor is indeed vital to the success of your experience. But you’ll spend plenty of time with the broader staff team too.

They’ll welcome you as a new part of the team from day one, getting you involved in eye-opening clinical experiences as long as you throw yourself in.

Your clinical experience will be tailored to you

Sarah Liefooghe LIEFOOGH22166

- You can get more involved if you build rapport -

You can rest assured that our partner hospitals and their supervising staff have hosted thousands of Work the World students and graduates before you.

You’ll see first-hand how well they understand your placement needs and how they can help you get the most from the experience.

Your supervisors and their teams will deeply understand your aims, interests and skill level. So your experience on the wards will be just that — your experience.

“The hospital knew before my arrival that I had finished university that year, so I was qualified. Once they could see my capabilities, they immediately got me more involved.

Under their supervision, they allowed me to assist with deliveries. We got on so well. I just needed a few days to find our feet on how we work together and build a good working relationship.” - Amy New, midwifery placement in Ghana.

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So now you know the benefits of the high-quality hospital supervision you'll get on your Work the World placement. You also know what could happen if you leave things down to chance.

And you can feel completely confident knowing that you get complete flexibility when booking your Work the World placement. We've also introduced new procedures in our accommodation to give you total peace of mind while you're overseas.

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