Our partner institution in Kathmandu offers experiences in many specialist areas, including neurology, cardiology, nephrology, and more.

This range of choices means you'll be able to either focus on a specific area of interest or work across a range of areas to gain invaluable experience during your medical elective.

During your time off, explore Kathmandu's ornate temples, hike through the natural beauty surrounding the city, or paraglide through the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Read what our students think below!

Surgical Department in Kathmandu


Kelsey Buss

University of New England 2024

Medical, Nepal Kathmandu

"By lunchtime, I had observed three vaginal deliveries and one caesarean section. This was more than I had ever witnessed in one day in Australia on my O&G rotation."

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John Jenkins

University of Southampton 2023

Medical, Nepal Kathmandu

"The biggest difference was the lack of provisions. Even though the hospital is partly funded, all patients still had to buy all medications and provisions for the doctors to treat them".

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Shane Zhang

University of Newcastle 2023

Medical, Nepal Kathmandu

"Having the opportunity to take my skills overseas and learn how things work in a healthcare system that is, in many ways, completely different from my own was too good to pass up."

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