With opportunities to work in departments like ICU, O&G, and General Surgery in our Sri Lankan partner hospital, you'll see varied cases such as dengue fever, typhoid, and severe traffic injuries while on placement. This exciting and invaluable experience will stretch your existing knowledge and give you enormous insight into healthcare in the developing world. Anuradhapura is also home to more than 50 Buddhist shrines and temples, making for both an intellectual and spiritual journey. Read what our students think below! 



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Asbah Kazi

University of Sydney 2015


I felt like I was part of the team- assisting doctors on ward rounds, examining patients, helping to diagnose and discharge patients too

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Maria Smith

Queen's University Belfast 2014

Medical, Ghana Takoradi

Ghana was a good choice for me as it is labelled as the ‘gateway to Africa’, and I wanted somewhere safe and friendly for my trip to the continent"

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James Knox

Hull York Medical School 2014


The medical and nursing staff were welcoming and friendly on the entire ward I was working on

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Emily Clothier

University of Liverpool 2014


A lot of the time my instincts kicked in and medical knowledge that I didn’t know I had would surface

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Aravin Kumar

National University of Singapore 2014


Never had I expected so much fun and adventure as well as rewarding clinical experience

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