Rijksuniversiteit Groningen 2015

Pharmacy, The Philippines Iloilo

My name is Esther and I did an overseas placement in Iloilo, Philippines. I’m studying pharmacy and I wanted to experience the differences in a less developed country compared to my own country. I chose Iloilo, because Work the World advised me to go there because of my discipline.

When I arrived in Iloilo it was a bit of a culture shock. Everything was so different compared to back home. But in no time it felt like home, because the Work the World staff took good care of us! Also the Work the World house in Iloilo is very nice, is huge!

In the hospital, indeed everything was really different compared to my country.  But all the people were very helpful and nice. They will make sure that you will eat enough food! I spent my time helping in the pharmacy, but I was also observing staff at the other departments, like the operating room, emergency room and minor surgery. Because I wasn’t only interested in the pharmacy, but the whole hospital. Thanks to the Work the World staff I was allowed to do that.  


During  the weekends we went to different beautiful place to see more of the Philippines. My first weekend I went to Antique, what was really amazing. We did local stuff and was very adventurous. My second weekend in Boracay was more relaxing. The beach is beautiful: white sand and blue water. Tip: go scuba diving!! During my last weekend I went with some other students to Palawan. We did island hopping, which was very beautiful, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t very good, because it was rainy season. So check weather before you go somewhere!


If I get the chance, I’ll definitely go back to this beautiful country. For sure, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me!

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