Sri Lanka Kandy


City Population: 125,400


Currency: RUPEE


Sri Lanka has something to appeal to everyone.  Adrenaline junkies will love the world-class surf, trekking and rafting whilst animal-lovers can swim with dolphins, spot sperm and blue whales on annual migration, watch sea turtles laying their eggs and track wild elephants in the National Parks. Cultural types will find the UNESCO heritage temples and famous pilgrimage sites enlightening and foodies will love the spice-laden cuisine.

Kandy is the perfect base from which to explore.  At 500m altitude it feels a world away from the hot, humid coastline and the views are stunning. Students usually group together to trawl the antique and jewel markets by the lake, watch a Kandyan dance show or visit the Buddhist Temple of the Tooth.  At weekends travelling further afield to enjoy the rest of Sri Lanka. If you are here during July / August you will be lucky enough to witness the festival of Esala Perahera – one of Asia’s biggest street parties complete with  of dancing, drumming, fire-displays and elephant parades.