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After a highly specialised placement with Work the World you’ll be better prepared for a successful career in medicine than anyone who chose the easy route and stayed at home. You’ll come to appreciate the ingenuity professionals use to combat problems such as ageing equipment, high-patient numbers, under resourced wards, and more.

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‘We can make it happen’ - words we live by. Let us know your interests and we’ll tailor your medical placement with clinical precision, right down to the smallest item. It’s important to know that these are not off the peg placements; they are custom-fit experiences that meet the specific wants and needs you have as an individual. Our team of Elective Experts will arrange your hospital placement, pair you with the right supervisors, handle university documentation, your visa application, and more — the service is comprehensive. Our Elective Experts are also responsible for overseeing our on-the-ground operations, meaning there’s no one better for the job.


Under the guidance of your in-country supervisors you’ll be introduced to a range of unusual cases and conditions such as dengue fever, typhoid, and malaria. Diagnosing and treating them will teach you new skills and impart you with knowledge that would otherwise be impossible to acquire. The cost of care and distance to appropriate facilities in developing countries often deters patients from seeking care until the last minute. This means you’ll see a number of advanced-stage conditions too. As far as medical electives go, travelling overseas to get experience as diverse as this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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When you’re in the country of your choice you’ll receive 24/7 support from our welcoming in-country teams and a room in one of our private, secure, and fully catered houses. To make it easy to find out everything about your placement all in one place, we’ll also give you access to MyTrip, our personalised, online elective information tool. Our sole focus is the creation of exceptional overseas clinical experiences. So when it comes to medical electives abroad we’re proud to offer the best placements available anywhere.

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Case Study

Exposure to this has helped me to develop both clinically and emotionally

Katie Yates: A Photo Review, University of Sheffield 2016

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Case Studies - Saskia van Ool

Case Study

We rode piki-piki’s, danced with the mamas and warriors, and watched a famous Maasai tradition - the goat sacrifice.

Saskia Van Ool - Maasai VHE , Maastricht University 2016

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Saha, Progga

Case Study

Nepal has stolen a piece of my heart

Progga Saha, Bond University 2016

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Ed Spraggon

Case Study

Sri Lanka presented the opportunity for a different kind of cultural and educational immersion

Edward Spraggon, University of Queensland 2016

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Gray, Emily

Case Study

I wish I could have stayed longer!

Emily Gray, University of Southampton 2015

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Medical elective destinations

Tanzania - Arusha

Arusha is one of the liveliest cities in Africa, and an open door to adventure. Whether you enjoy mountain climbing, big game safaris, touring dormant volcanoes, or browsing craft markets, there’s a world of exciting options right on your doorstep. The city is always in motion, and no two days are the same.

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Tanzania - Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania, yet due to its location the most extraordinary natural beauty surrounds it. There are opportunities to go on safaris in Sealous Game Park, and to travel to Mt. Kilimanjaro, which some of our students have successfully climbed. You can also head across to Zanzibar to experience some of the most incredible beaches you’ll have ever seen. The city itself is a bustling hub of culture that you’ll never forget.

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Nepal - Pokhara

Pokhara is an energetic city nestled at the feet of the Himalayas. The city and the surrounding areas offer a variety of amazing experiences from paragliding to hiking through the snow-capped mountains.

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Nepal - Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the second destination in our Nepal line-up. In this lively capital city you’ll see monkeys roaming the rooftops, walk past Buddhist temples as you listen to the monks chanting their daily prayers, head into the Himalayan Mountains to go paragliding and bungee jumping, and beyond.

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Philippines - Dumaguete

Dumaguete is besieged by a combination of 800 hectares of tropical forest on one side, and calm turquoise ocean on the other. Head beneath the waves and dive into a coral paradise inhabited by colourful marine life, trek through untamed jungles, visit Siquijor Island to witness the strange healing spells of the local witches and more.

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Philippines - Iloilo

Iloilo is the perfect place if you like tropical beaches, warm seas and long sunny days. Go diving off the coast to peer into a colourful underwater world, join in the regular festivals that take place across the island, take a tour of the city’s best street food vendors, and in the evenings make your way to the local bars for a great night out.

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Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura

The ancient city of Anuradhapura with its stupas, temples, and sacred palaces never fails to impress. And the new city – a lively centre of development with restaurants, bars, and lively markets – is no less exciting. Safaris in the national parks and the paradise beaches are the cherries on top. Memories you’ll make in the ancient Buddhist city of Anuradhapura will stay with you forever.

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Sri Lanka - Kandy

Sri Lanka is home to a population of welcoming and inclusive people. It has stunning natural beauty, and has a link to an ancient system of healthcare that is over 5000 years old. As a result of the caste system doctors here are greatly respected, but you’ll still have to prove your worth on the wards if you want opportunities to present themselves.

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Ghana - Takoradi

Ghana is our longest running programme and today it delivers a more exciting placement than ever before. For starters the west coast of Africa is magnificent; white sand beaches lined with palm trees, small fishing villages, ageing forts dotted up and down the coast, and more. The city of Takoradi where our private house is based is a busy centre of Ghanaian culture – exotic food, bustling markets, a selection of bars and restaurants, locals wearing beautiful traditional clothing, to name but a few elements.

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Peru - Arequipa

Peru is one of the most naturally stunning destinations in South America. Here you’ll have the chance to hike up mountains to visit the remains of an ancient city, trek through the Amazon jungle, dance in the colourful festivals that take place in Arequipa where we’re based, boat across ancient lakes and more.

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