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Nursing Electives

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We work with a range of hospitals that are often short staffed with significant patient loads. As such and subject to experience and clinical skills, nursing students can find themselves involved with treatment and patient care very quickly. Under resourced wards can also mean a return to the basics of your nursing education, treating conditions and caring for patients without familiar levels of equipment or supplies.

There is also a great opportunity to see cases that are seldom, if ever, found in the UK. Whether you are interested in tropical diseases such as malaria, leprosy or dengue fever, or wish to focus on specific areas like HIV counselling or paediatric intensive care, this is a great chance to develop your nursing skills.

Unfortunately cost, distance and a lack of education in resource-poor countries means patients regularly present themselves with diseases or pathologies that have advanced to a critical stage. The chance to witness and treat these conditions will undoubtedly teach you new skills and enhance your understanding of disease progression.

Our nursing student elective placements are specifically tailored to all branches of nursing and are designed to meet the requirements of all major British nursing schools.