Why go overseas?

There are countless benefits to undertaking your pharmacy elective in the developing world. You’ll become more creative working in low-resource hospitals, connect with peers from around the world, strengthen your confidence, become a more effective communicator, and stand out from your competition by having ‘overseas pharmacy placement’ on your CV. All this in addition to exploring an exotic country on the other side of the world.

What's Included?

  • Our famous elective tailoring service
  • Supervised clinical experience
  • Extensive pre-departure preparation
  • Support from in-country teams, 24/7
  • Private, spacious, catered housing
  • Free local language lessons


‘We can make it happen’ - words we live by when it comes to pharmacy abroad. Inform us which aspects of pharmacy interest you and we’ll tailor a completely unique experience for you from the ground up. These are not off the peg elective placements; they’re highly customised experiences designed to meet your specific needs. Our Elective Experts will organise your hospital placement, handle visa administration, match you with suitable supervisors, and much more. Our experts also happen to be responsible for our overseas operations too. There’s no one better prepared to design your placement.

Pharmacy electives


Under the guidance of your supervisors you’ll be ushered through an entirely new experience of pharmacy. The systems in place to cope with both creating and administering medicines in developing countries are vastly different from those you’ll be used to in the UK. Lack of funding and limited access to modern lab equipment means that pharmaceutical professionals have had to adapt to serve patients in effective ways. This is the perfect chance for you to acquire innovative techniques that simply aren’t used in the UK.

Pharmacy electives


Our dedicated teams on the ground will provide 24-hour support for seven days a week from within our private, security guarded, fully catered student accommodation. What’s more, our houses are reserved exclusively for Work the World students. You’ll also get access to MyTrip, our custom built elective information and tracking hub. We specialise in pharmacy placements abroad, so you can feel that you couldn’t be in better hands. A pharmacy elective only comes around once, so make yours count.

pharmacy placements abroad

Pharmacy elective destinations

Cambodia - Phnom Penh

The exhilarating city of Phnom Penh boasts some of the world’s most ancient temples. Fragrant street food is abundant, and markets brim with knick knacks, brands, and jewelry.  Discover white sands and crystal-clear seas on the coast, and trek into thick jungle to find sun bears, leopards and elephants. A Pharmacy elective here will highlight the realities of developing health care in a way that staying at home simply couldn’t. From working in multiple dispensaries to encountering a diverse range of unfamiliar cases, both the personal and professional skills you’ll gain will prove indispensable. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Iloilo, click here.

Monk in Angkor Wat Cambodia. Ta Prohm Khmer ancient Buddhist temple in jungle forest
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Ghana - Takoradi

Ghana is one of Africa’s most welcoming and friendly nations, epitomised by its charming locals. Lively markets, bars, and restaurants serving traditional meals make it a city rich in typical Ghanaian culture. Further afield you’ll have the chance to spot endangered wildlife on safari, hike deep into the jungle in search of waterfalls, and visit local communities. Your placement will see you taking ward rounds alongside professional pharmacists, across departments like Surgery, Paediatrics, and the HIV Clinic. Spending time in the dispensary will highlight the sheer creativity of local staff who strive to treat a wide range of pathologies with limited resources. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Takoradi, click here.

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Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is packed with things to do — wander through time-worn temples, admire gilded palaces, and explore authentic craft markets. Beyond the city boundaries, you’ll discover rare wildlife in the national parks, and relax on white-sand beaches. As pharmacy student, you could be working in a number of pharmacies ranging from Oncology to Surgical. Assisting in the creation of drugs used for a range of cancers will highlight how local specialists deploy creativity to combat the lack of resources they face on a daily basis. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Anuradhapura, click here.

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Peru - Arequipa

Nestled between some of South America’s most stunning natural beauty, the city of Arequipa is brimming with textile markets, traditional food, and colourful culture.  In your free time, visit lake Titicaca’s floating villages, the famous Machu Picchu, and scale dormant volcanoes for panoramic views. A number of satellite pharmacies serve our partner hospital’s different departments, which include Internal Medicine, Oncology and Surgery. The hospital’s focus on Oncology will also give you the chance to assist in the sterile 'clean room' where chemotherapy medications are manufactured and prepared. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Arequipa, click here.

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Nepal - Pokhara

Pokhara is the home of misty mountains, lush forests and tranquil lakes. The city is thick with ancient temples and pagodas, and is surrounded by green slopes that beg exploration. Enjoy paragliding with hawks, bungee jumping, and temple hikes. Pharmacy electives here involve working in the dispensary with unfamiliar medicines, and even certain anti-venoms. Time in the pharmacovigilance unit will give you the chance to study the detection, assessment, and prevention of adverse effects associated with pharmaceutical products. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Pokhara, click here.

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The Philippines - Batangas

Batangas City is the ideal jumping-off point from which to explore its host island’s pristine tropical beaches, emerald rice paddies, volcano craters and rainforests. The city itself has popular cafes, contemporary bars, art galleries and museums, with international music festivals and street parties taking over in the summer. A Pharmacy placement here will highlight the limitations of practice in the developing world. Working in dispensaries, you’ll witness how local specialists have to cope when it comes to limited resources.

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Nepal - Kathmandu

Kathmandu’s history can be traced back thousands of years, the current city an eclectic mix of old and new. Peruse the markets filled with handmade curiosities, tour the ancient temples, or even paraglide through the misty Himalayas. Alongside doctors, pharmacists here assist in explaining prescription drugs, their side effects, and who can take them. Taking ward rounds with local specialists will enable you to glean insight into the role pharmacy plays in the ongoing development of Nepali healthcare. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Kathmandu, click here.

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Philippines - Iloilo

While the many bars and restaurants lend a developed feel to the city, Iloilo still feels like a laid-back, tropical haven. Everyone joins in the colourful festivals that take place throughout the year, and just across the water the white sand beaches and palm trees of Boracay beckon. Show initiative on your elective and you’ll rotate through 6 different outlets, including satellite pharmacies in Emergency, the Operating room, Neonatal, and OBG. Time in any of these will highlight the shortcomings often associated with pharmacy in the developing world. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Iloilo, click here.

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Philippines - Dumaguete

Dumaguete is bookended by 800 hectares of forest on one side, and turquoise ocean on the other. Stroll along the coast and sit on the boulevard to watch ships sail past, soak up the sun on the nearby tropical beaches, or dive into clear waters to see tropical marine life. On your pharmacy elective you’ll work in a small but busy pharmacy that services all departments in the hospital. Students will experience creativity and resourcefulness of the staff as they fulfil hundreds of both common and uncommon prescriptions every day. To read stories from those who’ve already travelled with us to Dumaguete, click here.

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Allen, Danielle

Case Study

"The time I spent in the hospital was incredibly valuable".

Danielle Allen, Queen's University, Belfast 2015

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Lennon, Helen

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"The Village Healthcare Experience was one of my favourite weeks of the trip."

Helen Lennon, Queen's University, Belfast 2015

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Yi Tang, Ka

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"I never felt alone or out of my depth".

Ka Yi Tang, Monash University 2015

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Dao, David

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"I gained an all-encompassing experience within Nepali medicine".

David Dao, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia 2015

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Chu, Jacqueline

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"I gazed in awe at the Chocolate Hills, crossed the Sipatan hanging bridge, and much more."

Jacqueline Chu, Professional Placement 2015

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