pokhara and beyond

  • Pokhara is… “A relaxed lakeside city in the lush green foothills of the Himalaya”
  • Hike up Sarangkot to see the sunrise light up snowy peaks
  • Kayak across the lake and walk up to the peace pagoda for staggering views of Pokhara valley
  • Paraglide above Phewa Lake, go whitewater rafting and bungee jumping, trek through the Annapurna mountains
  • Feel at home in an easygoing  culture, with Indian and East Asian cultural influences

Team and accommodation

The spacious house in Pokhara will act as your base during your placement. There are bright airy rooms and spectacular views of the surrounding area from the rooftop terrace. You’ll make friends from all over the world and will soon be exploring the country together at weekends. The house is completely private and secure, which creates a chilled-out environment.

Your Programme Manager and their assistant run the house and will provide 24/7 support. You’ll also have a housekeeper, a chef who’ll cook you two incredible meals every day (weekly BBQ nights are a lot of fun), and a language teacher who hosts lessons twice a week.

nepal electives


In addition to your main placement in Pokhara, for one week you’ll have the chance to become part of a rural village family up in the Himalayan Mountains.

In the mornings you’ll spend time in a health outpost treating villagers with even fewer resources than the hospitals have.

The afternoons are all about getting to grips with local culture, customs and community. You’ll be accompanied by our guide and you can get involved in things like bread making, trying out traditional clothing, hiking to Hindu temples, taking part in cooking lessons, and visiting village schools.


BPC - Natasha Carter

Electives in Nepal - Pokhara

"There was routine use of prescription drugs to augment labour, and routine episiotomies".

Jessica Annett, Hull York Medical School 2018

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"We conducted an MRI and found a grapefruit-sized tumor in his brain. It was too big to safely remove."

Karissa Wikander, Champlain College 2018

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"During the month I spent in Pokhara, I made unforgettable memories with amazing students from all over the world."

Jack Gilbert, Robert Gordon University 2018

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"This trip has boosted my confidence not only within a clinical setting but also in travelling alone."

Hannah Mainprize, Northumbria University 2018

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"I hope to visit again one day, I could not recommend this placement more."

Dominic Lowe, University of Manchester 2018

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