Kathmandu and beyond

  • Kathmandu is… “Nepal’s delightfully chaotic capital city, complete with rickshaws, pagodas, markets and timeless cultural heritage.”
  • Uncover ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples
  • Navigate the evening commotion of Thamel to find restaurants, bars and clubs
  • Paraglide through snowy peaks, take on the world’s highest bungee jump, and trek the Himalayas
  • Many people come from far and wide to seek opportunity. They are energetic, talkative, and keen to welcome you
  • Village Healthcare Week: Spend a week in the Himalayas learning how the Gurung people survive on the slopes
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The Kathmandu house is situated in an affluent area in Eastern Kathmandu. The house is spread across three spacious floors with a beautifully furnished living space adjacent to the kitchen where you can socialise with new friends. The roof terrace offers an incredible 360 degree panorama of the city and Kathmandu valley.

Your Programme Manager and their assistant run the house and will provide 24/7 support. You’ll also have a housekeeper, a chef who’ll cook you two incredible meals every day (weekly BBQ nights are a lot of fun), and a language teacher who hosts lessons twice a week.

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In addition to your main placement in Kathmandu, a week in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains offers a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll become an honorary member of the Gurung tribe learning about rural life on the Himalayan slopes. In the mornings you’ll be placed in the village’s health post with local workers. The opportunity offers perspective to your city-based placement, as the resources here are even lower, making treating patients that much more of a challenge.

In the afternoons you’ll immerse yourself in local culture, enjoying temple walks, cooking lessons, fishing, milking buffalos and visiting the village shaman.


BPC - Rens	Goossens

Electives in Nepal - Kathmandu

"I saw conditions I’d never seen before, and probably won’t see again."

Leslie Logghe, 2018

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Watching the ceremony was humbling — there was fire, dancing, and music as bells rang out for those who’d passed.

Rebecca Ross, University of Southampton 2018

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"One case that stuck with me was that of a ten-year-old boy with renal failure..."

Prabha Venkat, University of Leicester 2018

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"One highlight was taking a mountain flight to over the Himalayas and around Mount Everest."

Lauren Stacey, Cardiff University 2018

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"There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to this kind of thing; so get out of your comfort zone and give it a shot!"

Morgan Hughes, University of Queensland 2018

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