With opportunities to work with both inpatients and outpatients, your time in Arusha will provide you with broad and invaluable experiences. Common occurrences of burns and traffic accidents will give you a varied range of cases to work on, and specialists will be on hand to impart their knowledge. And, with your time off you can explore the surrounding areas. There are vast plains to survey while on safari, or relaxing days on a palm tree-lined beach. Read what our students think below!

Physiotherapy elective student applying a cast in Arusha, Tanzania


Fiona Harvie

Manchester Metropolitan University 2008

Physiotherapy, Tanzania Arusha

The Physiotherapy Department relies very much on manual skills. There are no electrotherapies and the gym has four plinths and an exercise bike, along with a small collection of fit balls, a cervical traction machine (used frequently) and some walking aids.

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