University of Hull 2015

Nursing, Nepal Kathmandu

We choose Work the World as it was recommended by our University and once we investigated further, it looked very organised and covered Nepal which was the country we wanted to visit. Organising the trip was very straight forward, all the information was available and we were given contacts for any questions and concerns, and a checklist in order to assist us.

The staff on the end of the phone were very helpful and directed us to what we needed to do. Sean the Program Manager was there to meet us at airport, which was great to see a friendly face in the hustling bustling airport.

We were taken all the way out of the chaotic airport and taken to Work the World house. In the house, we were greeted by other students and staff in the house with a surprise birthday celebration as it was Emma's birthday.

The orientation in the city with Uma was fantastic. Her knowledge about the city was great and answered all our questions as well giving us lots of information to help with our trip.

Our hospital introduction was very well organised and we felt very welcomed in the hospital. We were allowed to choose the departments we would like to work. Since we were there only for two weeks, we decided to get involved as many departments as possible and learn the difference.

The staff in all the departments were lovely. They made us feel very welcomed and were very keen to answer all our questions. There is a vast difference in Health care procedure in Nepal which was a huge cultural shock at first.

We saw families getting involved with the patients and how nurses taught them to give care for their sick family member which was very interesting to see.

Methods of care service provided by nurses and taking records are similar to UK. However, the big difference that we observed was the hygiene standard and infection control measures, the patient’s family get involved with purchasing medication, taking the patient for X-Ray tests and bringing food for the patient to eat.

If the patient’s family is not capable enough to arrange money and have to claim for poor patient funding then they have to wait weeks to receive care and treatment which was a big shock.

We were very impressed by the medical knowledge of staff nurses and student nurses we encountered and how they utilised the limited resources that are available to them.

The Work the World house is amazing. We were very well looked after and we could not ask for more. We felt very comfortable, safe and had no trouble. It has been great experience meeting students all over the world and as mature students; we were very much included with everyone and have made some great life long friends.

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