University of Texas at Austin 2015

Nursing, Peru Arequipa

I was very impressed with the level of organization and support from the WTW staff with planning this trip. I decided I wanted to do this program and everything was arranged for me in a very timely and quick manner. MyTrip was very straightforward and easy to use and was a great way to keep all the information organized and easily accessible. Brenner, Adrienne

I found it very smooth - I didn't have any problems at all. I saw Candy immediately when I stepped out of the airport after collecting my bags.

The main skill I developed, personally, over the past 3 weeks is my Spanish. That was one of the main reasons I did this program and I found that I had ample opportunities to practice speaking throughout my time in the house, hospital and Arequipa in general.

In terms of nursing skills, I learned how to calculate the drop rate and administer IV medication without an IV pump (ie infusion by gravity). In the US we have electronic IV pumps, but they don't have those here, so that was a unique experience.

The overarching difference is the gap in medical technology. In the US, everything is done electronically - electronic IV pumps, electronic medical records, patient medications are scanned and registered on a computer, etc. Other differences involve the nursing role, nurse-to-patient ratio, patient privacy, infection protection (i.e. the use of gloves and alcohol) and medication organization.

Brenner, AdrienneColca Canyon was definitely a highlight. I did a 3-day hike through the canyon. I love hiking and being outdoors so I really enjoyed it. It was tough but totally worth it.  

I would recommend Work the World program! I think it's a very organized, supportive and dedicated organization. It was very easy to arrange the trip and to be in the country. The staff are extremely nice and provided me with everything I needed while in Peru, including information, food, activities, etc.

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