Fairleigh Dickinson University 2015

Nursing, Peru Arequipa

I had an excellent first experience with Work the World, so I decided to try Peru as it was a new location. Also for the amenities provided the price is very competitive.

Childress, Eric

The experience is pretty great, sharing different traveling and clinical experience with different students is always interesting and hearing perspectives from international students is enlightening.

I would like to think I’ve improved my Spanish, as well as my Spanish medical terminology. I also learned to do manual paper charting which is fun.

Seeing a patient with ophthalmic cancer in both eyes was definitely interesting, a little disconcerting according to the Doc it usually only occurs in one eye, and having it seen bilaterally is pretty rare.

Huacachina and Machu Picchu were amazing, not only for the landscape but also for the company I had going there. We had a very close group of students in the house and that definitely enhanced my experience.

Childress, EricI would recommend work the world to friends and other students without hesitation not only for the clinical experience but to also experience working and interacting with other medical students from around the world. I definitely think every medical student should experience healthcare system in other countries at least once in their student or professional carrier.

Childress, Eric

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