D'Youville College 2014

Nursing, Sri Lanka Kandy

I have been back in my home country for exactly one month now and I still think about how grateful and truly blessed I am to have had the experience of practicing nursing in Kandy, Sri Lanka.


Work the World provided me with a seamless transition from arrival at the airport to the Work the World house, as well as accompanying me on my first day of orientation at the hospital.  I felt safe and secure at the accommodation and we were perhaps a little bit spoilt with such amazing cooking and language lessons.  

Not only was the hospital experience eye opening, but I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Central Highlands and throughout various regions of the country via a four-day backpacking/caravan excursion.

It is true what they say, that this is without a doubt a life-changing experience.  Every day I find myself returning back to colourful and exciting memories and images of this trip.

I would highly encourage anyone who is thirsty for a sense of adventure and new experiences to utilize Work the World as a gateway into a new world of culture, service, and of course, FUN!


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