Electives in Cambodia

Nursing Electives

Cambodia is a superb choice for those wishing to delve deep into the realities of nursing in a developing healthcare system. You’ll have the opportunity to rotate through a range of departments, seeing a range of conditions including malaria, influenza, diarrhoea, tuberculosis, HIV, and more. Local nurses will give you direct access to some of the country’s best clinical minds. This will enable you to learn highly specific techniques and grow both personally and professionally. Please note that we cater to all branches of nursing.

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Medical Electives, Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Medical Electives

In Phnom Penh, you’ll learn how unfamiliar tropical diseases like malaria, dengue fever and typhoid develop are treated. Of course, you can also gain experience in more familiar areas like A&E, OBG, ENT, traumatology, and urology among others. There is also a specialist department in which you can gain experience with visceral surgeries. You may even come across cases of attempted suicide — the stigma attached to which is still an issue in Cambodia. With this being a tropical country, you may also see things like poisonous insect and venomous snake bites.

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Midwifery Electives,Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Midwifery Electives

The midwifery experience you’ll gain in Cambodia will exceed expectations. As we’re based in the capital city, our partner hospital sees a wide variety and volume of births, giving you plenty of chance to get involved with live birthing. Under expert supervision you’ll witness local staff deploy creativity with limited resources, engage with birthing complications, and encounter HIV positive mothers. You’ll also be exposed to the challenges faced by local professionals in terms of resources, which will further enhance the breadth and quality of your clinical experience here.

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Physiotherapy Electives, Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Physiotherapy Electives

A physiotherapy elective in Cambodia will open your eyes to how your counterparts in the developing world treat high patient numbers with extremely limited resources. Often using equipment that’s handmade and outdated, you’ll have the chance to assist in the treatment of patients presenting an extraordinary range of conditions, from meningitis to cerebral palsy. To guide you and advise you with new information and techniques you’ll work with a close-knit team of professionals who have highly specialised local knowledge. This will afford you a wealth of new skills to take home.

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Paramedic Science Electives

Our partner hospital’s A&E department offers a fast-paced paramedic science placement. The department is busy for two reasons; high patient volumes and understaffing. Another disadvantage local staff face, is the lack of equipment and general resources. Doctors and nurses improvise many treatments, and space is at a premium. You might even see mattresses laid on the floor as makeshift hospital beds. You will see a varied caseload, with everything from COPD to attempted suicides coming through the A&E doors.


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Radiography Electives, Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Radiography Electives

As a radiography student in Cambodia, you’ll learn that the reality of healthcare in a developing country can be quite a harsh one. You’ll learn how this field has grown in recent years, working with equipment that is often outdated, and even spending time in the dark room. Shadowing specialists on ward rounds and assisting in the diagnostic imaging of a range of cases — from road traffic accidents to injuries sustained via manual labour — will help you develop your skills.

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Pharmacy Electives, Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Pharmacy Electives

A pharmacy elective in Phnom Penh highlights the realities of developing healthcare in a way that staying at home simply can’t. From rotating through multiple dispensaries to encountering a diverse range of unfamiliar prescriptions, you’ll gain personal and professional skills. On this comprehensive placement you’ll also have the opportunity to shadow doctors, where you’ll gain insight into patients’ medication plans.


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The Work The World House

The Work the World house is focal point of your trip with us to Phnom Penh. It acts as your home from home, and you'll live with other healthcare students, which gives the house a social atmosphere.

Based only a short tuk tuk ride from the banks of Cambodia’s famous Mekong River, you can get from the Work the World house to the centre of the city in minutes.

After placement you can hop on a dragon boat tour along the river, visit a temple or two, explore the night markets to find the best street food, and then hit the bars and clubs in the nightlife district.

The house itself is situated in a residential area, so it’s perfect after a busy day on placement when you want to escape the bustle of the city.

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In-Country Team

Management team: Based in the house, they oversee your entire Work the World experience — 24/7 — from the moment you land to the moment you leaveCatering team: Cook a variety of both local cuisine and familiar home comforts, accommodating all dietary requirementsHousekeeper: Keeps the house clean and tidy from top to bottom, making sure you're comfortableLanguage teacher: Visits the house twice per-week. During their lessons, you’ll learn everyday phrases and clinical terminology to help you get more from your placementSecurity team: Monitor the house 24/7 for your peace of mind

Support in the Hospital

Our team in Phnom Penh will take you on an informal visit to your placement hospital. This happens before you start. The team then introduce you to key department staff and your supervisors, helping you get a feel for things before you dive in. You’ll often see the in-country team around the hospital. They will visit you regularly to make sure the experience is living up to your expectations.

We assign your in-hospital supervisors before you’ve even arrived in-country, so they’ll be expecting you. Build rapport with them and you’ll get insight into the local healthcare system that only a local practitioner can offer.

We’ve got everything covered. We offer support all the way through your clinical placement if and when you need it.


What's included?

  • Supervised hospital placement
  • Private catered accommodation 
  • Dedicated placement coordinator
  • 24/7 in-country team
  • Language lessons
  • Airport pickup

*Prices below are in addition to a £300 registration fee.

Destinations 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks Extra Week

Cambodia Phnom Penh

£1490 £1640 £1790 £1940 £2090 £350


To complement your main placement in Phnom Penh, we highly recommend undertaking this additional week to live in a rural village. In the morning, you’ll be placed in a local health outpost where you could assist in the treatment of people from the surrounding areas, many of whom will present with advanced cases. In the afternoons, you’ll learn the traditional Cambodian way of life and experience Southeast Asian culture to its fullest. You’ll learn local silk weaving techniques, cook Khmer dishes, receive a blessing from a buddhist monk, and visit the rice paddies, the local wildlife rescue centre and the Chisor Mountain Temple dedicated to the Hindu divinities Shiva and Vishnu.


Indigenous Cambodian woman selling fish in a market.
Summer seascape on tropical island Koh Rong in  Cambodia. Landscape of south east Asia.

"Gloves were used as tourniquets rather than actually wearing them during tasks to prevent infection."

Niamh Butler, University of Manchester 2019

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"I had the chance to scrub into the surgical theatre and assist in a hernia mesh replacement surgery."

Frank Yu, Bond University 2018

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"Local staff banded together to deliver the best possible care to their patients."

Samirah Musasizi, University of East Anglia 2018

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There were no epidurals, and limited anaesthesia during labour.

Taiwo Dada, University of East Anglia 2018

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"Seeing what Cambodian staff and patients had to deal with led me to a greater appreciation of the NHS"

Jessica Everett, University of Cumbria 2018

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