Phnom Penh and beyond

  • Phnom Penh is…  “Cambodia’s energetic capital city”
  • Boat to Koh Rong island for spotless white sands, crystal seas, and beachside nightlife
  • Browse trinkets, clothing, and handicrafts in the warren-like Russian Market
  • Explore the beautiful expansive ruins at Angkor Wat
  • Cambodians have an unparalleled openness. Lovers of marketplace street food, they’ll communicate friendship even if they can’t speak your language
National Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Team and accommodation 

Our Phnom Penh house is situated in a friendly residential area, a short distance from the city centre. There’s plenty of space on the first and second floors with chill-out areas to socialise with friends. There are also spacious dining rooms and a large balcony on the first floor. The garden has outdoor furniture making it the perfect setting for our weekly BBQs.

Your Programme Manager and their assistant run the house and will provide 24/7 support. You’ll also have a housekeeper, a chef who’ll cook you two incredible meals every day, and a language teacher who hosts lessons twice a week.



To complement your main placement in Phnom Penh, we highly recommend undertaking this additional week to live in a rural village. In the morning you’ll be placed in a local health outpost where you could assist in the treatment of people from the surrounding areas, many of whom will present with advanced cases.

In the afternoons, you’ll learn the traditional Cambodian way of life and experience Southeast Asian culture to its fullest. You’ll learn local silk weaving techniques, cook Khmer dishes, receive a blessing from a buddhist monk, visit the rice paddies and local wildlife rescue centre and the Chisor Mountain Temple dedicated to the Hindu divinities Shiva and Vishnu.


Indigenous Cambodian woman selling fish in a market.
Summer seascape on tropical island Koh Rong in  Cambodia. Landscape of south east Asia.

Electives in Phnom Penh - Cambodia

"This trip increased my self-confidence enormously."

Joshua Wren, University of Leeds 2018

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"Local staff banded together to deliver the best possible care to their patients."

Samirah Musasizi, University of East Anglia 2018

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There were no epidurals, and limited anaesthesia during labour.

Taiwo Dada, University of East Anglia 2018

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"Seeing what Cambodian staff and patients had to deal with led me to a greater appreciation of the NHS"

Jessica Everett, University of Cumbria 2018

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"It was everything I imagined the experience to be and more."

Cassie Wong, University of Sydney 2018

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